eBay In Demand – Hot products in short supply

eBay In Demand is a new website coming soon to eBay.com which aims to inform sellers of products in short supply on the site.
There will be incentives in the form of product by product discounts on insertion and final value fees for sellers that can meet demand. Discounts will be on top of any PowerSeller/Business discounts the seller already qualifies for.

eBay In Demand will run off catalogue data and to access discounts you’ll need to list using pre-filled information. Scot Wingo, who broke the news on eBay Strategies, has already found products on eBay In Demand which are listed on eBay in core and SIF, but none of the sellers used pre-filled information when listing.

eBay are more likely to highlight listings in search results that have been listed with catalogue information where it’s available and with eBay In Demand this will become more important than ever for sellers as it’s the only way to access the individual item discounts.

In order to access eBay In Demand data you’ll need to fulfil the following criteria:
* A registered seller on eBay.com
* A minimum detailed seller rating of 4.8 across all four 30-day detailed seller ratings
* A buyer satisfaction rating of Excellent or Good
* A PowerSeller.

This is an interesting development from eBay.com, for the first time eBay will publish data on which products buyers are searching for but for which there is a shortage. Sellers able to take advantage will be well positioned to appear high in Best Match, gain recent sales and, as other sellers start supplying the product, appear at the top of search results.

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Here's the major thing ebayers are REALLY searching for! https://www.petitiononline.com/jdonohoe/petition.html "Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO"

getreal2day • 29th October 2008 •

Here's the major thing ebayers are REALLY searching for! Search the internet using the following title: "Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO"

getreal2day • 29th October 2008 •

I am astonished ebay manage to understand or trust their own search to highlight these products. search drives me nuts. sick of ebay seach showing what it wants ,rather than what I want, if there is no exact match to my search.

northumbrian • 29th October 2008 •

#1 Agree - I have little confidence that their busted search machine will do anything useful - this is 95% a marketing exercise with added special trojan horse sauce! The objective is to wean you off your own listings and into the brave new eBay catalogue listing world where they will continue to increase their control of your business and dictate terms into every part of your business model. Another piece of the Amazon.lite jigsaw just appeared - don't say you havn't been warned.

Cambridge_Blue • 29th October 2008 •

:mrgreen: Well I have mixed feelings on this. I heard you have to be a powerseller and there are stringent requirements on even utilizing this new feature.... I can see the value in it, but those who need more help with product selection and sourcing, i.e. people who do not quality, would probably benefit the most from this, but can't.... so I'm not sure how much good this will do.

Ebay_Account_Dude • 30th October 2008 •

More attempted manipulation of sellers to do what eBay want them to do. The existing search function doesn't work properly. Why not fix that before letting loose with some other fancy bit of software that I wouldn't trust for a second. If I was a seller, I wouldn't be taking any notice of In Demand at all. It won't come to AU 'cos there's no demand for anything on eBay there any more. :(

Judy • 30th October 2008 •

The key question is whether they will be waiving the DSR and Buyer Satisfaction metrics for Diamond PowerSellers?

Ed (BuildaSkill) • 31st October 2008 •

So what about those sellers that put in the research and time to figure this out themselves? Now eBay just hands their niche over to hundreds or thousands of other sellers?

ebuyerfb • 31st October 2008 •