eBay Spain to hide winning bidder IDs

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eBay SpaineBay Spain have announced that they are to extend the policy of hiding bidders’ IDs to cover winning bidders too. Currently, bidders’ identities are masked throughout the course of the auction but the winning bidder becomes visible once the auction has ended. eBay say that winning bidders are currently being targetted with spam and fraudulent requests for payment, so winners’ identities are to be hidden even once the auction has finished. Sellers will be able to see IDs of both winners and unsuccessful bidders.

Watch for this one coming to an eBay site near you very soon.

8 Responses

  1. What will happen when the buyer comes to leave feedback for the seller – will the ID be masked at this point?

  2. I have bought and sold on eBay since its inceptions and could not agree with you more. They have ruined the market for antique and vintage one of a kind items and put many antique and flea markets out of business by making it appear as though so much of everything exists… which ends up up being poor knockoffs from China or reproduction crap. I bought and sold only antique and vintage costume and fine jewelry and I along with three partners have started an auction boutique for antique and vintage costume and fine jewelry called http://www.virtualgemsemporium.com. It was started as a response to all of the crap eBay has done to its specialty store and boutique sellers and buyers. The fees are the lowest on the internet and there are NO final valuation fees and all of our feature capabilities are also very inexpensive. We give more free stuff in our initial listing fee than eBay does and it has worked out great. Anyways I would appreciate a shout out to us since we have only been up since October 1 2008 and we do need more sellers and buyers and anything that you can give us would be very much appreciated… Thanks, Candy


    PLEASE see the petition to remove John Donahoe as ebay’s CEO by doing an internet search of:

    “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO”

    at petitiononline.com

  4. They’ve been doing this on the ebay.com site for a while now and it’s just as much of a disaster as all of Donahoe & Whitman’s other “Disruptive Innovation” policies. The site has quickly become a, less than average, online warehouse for cheaply made, mass produced garbage. The fabulous buyers and sellers are leaving in droves, the employees are miserable (glassdoor.com) and shareholders are getting fed up!

    If you want to see what’s to come, search “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO” at petitiononline.com

  5. How does this affect the GetItem and GetItemTransactions API call? I assume it will work fine from the buyer/seller point of view using their tokens but what about from an outside party? Are they all just going to be private listings? Are they only hidden on eBay.es or all the eBays?

  6. I checked petitiononline.com but could not find the link for Donahoes resignation petition.
    Please post it up.


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