Feedback revision rolls out for eBay UK, Ireland, .com

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eBay UK have announced that feedback revision will be rolled out on 20th October. eBay Ireland and will also launch feedback revision on the same day.

As already announced for eBay Australia, the new system will allow sellers to request that buyers edit feedback within 30 days of it being left. Buyers will only be able to revise feedback “upwards” – i.e. a positive cannot be changed to a negative or neutral – and sellers cannot request that buyers edit positive feedback. Buyers will be able to edit the rating, the DSR scores and the comment they left.

Sellers will be able to request 5 edits per 1,000 feedbacks received, though eBay have said that this limit may be reconsidered: when it was announced for the Australian site, many sellers wondered what would be the position for buyers who’d left multiple non-positive feedbacks for combined transactions, so it would be good to see this addressed in the near future.

There’s more detail on exactly how the system will work in the FAQs.

eBay UK will also launch the new Resolution Centre at the end of October: this replaces the current Dispute Console, and just the change of name alone should make trading on eBay a more pleasant experience. There’s not much detail in the announcement of exactly what will be changing, but one welcome addition should be “a separate flow for buyers and sellers to mutually agree to cancel a transaction”: seeing this process made simpler and less antagonistic should be good news for buyers *and* sellers.

4 Responses

  1. So you can only change the rating upward but what about the DSRs? For instance if I left a 5 for communication but during the process they said something mean to me, can I revise that to a 2 when I change it to a positive?

  2. I have personal experience of receiving a request to revise feedback after I left negative feedback for a seller who refused to complete a transaction. I have been threatened and had lies spread about my business in an attempt to force me to revise my feedback. I believe eBay should remove this feature to help avoid any one else suffering the same fate. eBay are not interested (or not able) to do anything to stop the harassment I am undergoing.

  3. 3
    you most certainly should not be threatened
    though if you leave a negative for a seller
    you dont really think they are going to send you flowers ?


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