Hammertap webinar: "Avoiding the Price War"

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Hammertap are to hold an online seminar on Wednesday 8th October to discuss how sellers can use competitive analysis and buyer behavior to differentiate their products, stand out from the crowd and avoid a price war.

With the introduction of Best Match in the UK and recent sales often pushing the lowest price products to the top of search results this workshop couldn’t come at a better time.

Talking about price wars Amy Kendall of Hammertap said “Price wars are based on the fact that ‘All things being equal…the lowest price always wins the war’. “The trick is to make things unequal and add value to your listings so you can avoid the war altogether.”

The webinar will feature HammerTap software, but is open to all eBay sellers, you’ll need to reserve a place and the seminar starts at 6pm MDT on Wednesday.

(I believe 6pm MDT is 1am Thursday in the UK, so one for the night owls to attend… If I’ve got the time wrong please let me know in comments and I’ll edit 🙂 )

10 Responses

  1. Seems to me there are lots of folks out there who are trying to make money out of telling you how to do things ,better
    if they are so cleve,r why dont they do it , rather than talk about doing it

  2. #1 – and yet there always seem to be people happy to pay for useless information… I think it’s more to do with motivation than the value of advice…

  3. I would say a company like Hammertap who provide historical data on real eBay listings probably have some good info to share.

    For instance if it turned out I could make the same money for a printer without a toner as one supplied with a part used toner I’d instantly remove the toners and flog ’em separately as they fetch around 30-50% of what a printer goes for anyway….

    On the other hand if printers without toners have a significantly lower sell through rate as well as a much lower price it ain’t worth making money on the side on toners in lieu of printer sales…

    Now info like that is worth paying for 🙂 (And this webinar is free so nowt to lose but a couple of pennies on a SkypeOut call!)

  4. I have a great tip on how to make money and compete
    stop attending all the

    webinars, workshops ,and conferences that are on offer
    and get some work done 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  5. I listened to the last hour long Channel Advisor webinar over skype cost next to nothing but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stay up this late 😥 do you know if it’s going to be available on a recording Chris?



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