I've gotta lego of my eBay logo

Four and a half years ago an AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) started work at eBay and painstakingly built the eBay logo out of LEGO. Ever since it has hung next to their desk at work in the San Jose eBay offices, to the admiration of fellow workers and visitors.

Now they’re leaving the company they’re looking for a new home for their sign, which is constructed of around 3000 individual LEGO baseplates, so of course it’s up for auction on eBay.

It would be a bit sad to break it down for someone “who just wants to buy a crapload of white plates”. The idea of an “eBay Marketing rep who wants a nice centerpiece for a convention booth” would be a fitting epitaph to one eBay employee’s love of the company.

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Interesting, also nice to see an eBay employee declaring themselves as such in the auction for a change.

ebuyerfb • 13th October 2008 •

Suggest J D'oh wears it like a medallion, along with open neck shirt and some Brut aftershave.

Bunchy • 14th October 2008 •

Is the P&P free? :lol: I'll get me coat............

Richard • 14th October 2008 •

So this is what ebay staff do when they are supposed to be doing customer service. Typical !!!!........................

Gerry007 • 14th October 2008 •

“who just wants to buy a crapload of white plates” There are 2 options, surely that covers both ....

Whirly • 14th October 2008 •

Wonder if “New Beginnings & New Attitudes a Two-Fold Program Designed to Recruiting Retired Educators with Excellence Evaluations Received In Your School District to Employ in Special Programs in Low Ranking Schools LLC” (Longest Company name) have any vacancies, should keep him busy for a year or so :smile:

dave • 14th October 2008 •

Bunch, if we could get video of D'ho wearing my sign like that on YouTube, I'd almost be willing to give it to him for free! Almost. :) Thanks for the interest in my sign. I'm very curious to see who it ends up going to. Also, folks have asked about the reserve. It's $300, which is what it cost me to build after buying all the individual pieces.

Ray Hill • 17th October 2008 •

Just watched the last five minutes of the auction. It went for $300.

ebuyerfb • 18th October 2008 •

Sorry to be really sad Chris...but this isn't built out of baseplates. Well, there ARE 16 white 16x32 base plates as a backing, but the entire design is built using plates. Yes, there is a difference. :oops: (shameless AFOL, signing out)

rainbowcraft • 18th October 2008 •