Powersellers banned from free listing promo

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There’s a free listing weekend on the 18th – 19th October, but not for PowerSellers or Business registered users.

Items listed with a start price of 99p or under can be listed for free by domestic users of the site. The promotion only applies to the auction format, fixed price listings and certain categories are excluded from the promotion.

To be honest it’s no surprise to see professional sellers barred from the promotion, the new fixed price listings with multiple quantities are the way forward for most sellers. It’s not such good news for the pro-sellers who exclusively list in the auction format as they’ve seen final value fees rise and a free listing weekend would have been a nice bonus.

It is good to see eBay encouraging casual sellers and buyers listing on the site, it’ll be very interesting to see just how many new auctions are listed over the weekend period. I suspect the site won’t be flooded with new listings to the extent it has been of previous listing promotions, although doubtless a few sellers may use buying accounts to launch auctions and save a few pennies.

7 Responses

  1. I wonder how many Powersellers will use their buying accounts to launch items? Or set up new accounts?

  2. Maybe they need to reduce the price of auction listing…

    Is it possible the new fee structure is discouraging private listers and non business listings are down?


  3. Hmmm – wonders if non-Business, non-PowerSeller, overseas seller accounts are allowed to participate?

    Unusually for a UK announcement, there is no mention (overt or covert) regarding “anyone who lists on UK…..”

    Oh well – guess it’s back to the good old days of running a test listing then checking the seller account – yawn – why are they making life so difficult?

  4. I will list some personal items for my personal account, i think the whole starting it for less than 99p is going to put me off.

    Just a thought…. what if i sell a DVD and it sells for less than the cost to post it because to get free listing it has be 99p or less and the free postage makes it so i lose money from it.

    All in the name of ebay profits of course….


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