Royal Mail's "Partner for Growth" campaign

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Royal Mail are running a year long “Partner for Growth” campaign aiming to help small businesses grow and expand their online sales. By answering just 14 questions they’ll produce a tailored growth pack for your business with advice ranging from information on finding new customers and keeping existing ones as well as ways of saving time and money.

100 of Britain’s best business are sharing their stories and provide advice and those best matched to your business will have their tips included in your customised growth pack.

“Whatever an organisation’s size, ambitions or objectives, we want to work closely with them and forge long-lasting and dynamic partnerships. This initiative showcases the great number of ways our services can help them improve the quality, cost and reputation of their operations.”
Tim Rivett, Royal Mail’s Head of Small Business

I completed the tailored growth pack questionnaire this morning and found one Royal Mail service I wasn’t aware of before – Royal Mail Local Collect. It allows customers to collect their purchases from their local Post Office rather than having to wait in to sign for their parcel. Even better it’s a free service for buyers and there are no limits on the number of collections in a year so it’s easy to budget for.

To get your own customised growth pack simply visit Royal Mail Growth, enter your company details, answer the 14 questions and they’ll email your growth plan within two hours and send a hard copy in the post.

If your growth pack gives you some great tips be sure to share them in comments below.

14 Responses

  1. local collect is just another level of complication and administration IMHO

    they can collect it from the local sorting office. just as easily, no licence ,no extra administration, no set up ,no confusion ,
    all they need to do is not be in when the post man calls

  2. And another thought,
    how does being delivered to other than the buyers address stand with paypal seller protection

  3. #3 Tis fine, it’s just the same as having it collected from the local sorting office. You address it to their registered shipping address as per the PayPal payment, they simply have an option to collect from the PO instead of the sorting office and still have to sign with proof of ID.

  4. could be a good idea ,if only buyers and collection were not involved,
    I wanted it sent to main st post office, not my local post office but I forgot to tell you , I thought it was any post office, etc etc etc

  5. Just to let you know, that we had a call from the royal mail the other day and they offered us their new fully tracked posting system for £2.95 per parcel upto 5.00kgs

  6. well royal mails old fashioned tracked postal system is a bit skew wiff these days,
    namely Recorded Signed for,
    we received a complaint from a buyer saying they had not received their purchase,
    when we checked Royal Mails tracking web site it was marked as delivered and signed for with a copy of the signature,
    so we nearly told the buyer to go multiply, then
    week later the item arrived back to us as an uncollected return ,

    gosh am I looking forward to the Christmas rush 🙄

  7. #7, They did not stipulate an annual spend, just asked us if we would like the service added to our on-line business account, but our annual RM spend is around 22k,

  8. We used RM’s Marketing Card system at the Small Business 2.0. Great idea except the card has ” gone missing” in the post. After 30 years mail order this year is my worse for “missing -presumed lost in action’ items
    Royal Mail seem to have nice new colours and a more business friendly approach BUT until they sort out their foot soldiers then it is all to no avail.
    The girl in their complaints Dept (which is where I was directed) showed little concern ” We handle 81 million items of mail a day so we can hardly tell you where your card went to (referring to their promotional card which got lost!)
    My new account rep showed a lot more concern so hopefully I may yet discover what happened to this brilliant new promotional tool (which I do love the idea of but not if it never arrives ay my customers address)
    I tried TNT during the year for my bigger items and have found them 5* especially overseas
    So that is my view of Royal Mail as we enter the Christmas (rush?) period

  9. #4 & #11

    I’m afraid you are mistaken Chris, you post the item to a participating local post office of the buyers choice, not to the buyers home address. The royal mail then notify you when it is ready for collection and you tell the buyer to go collect it.

    You appear to be confusing this with the local collect service on the ‘Sorry you were out’ cards where the addressee can have it sent to a local post office for 50p.


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