TurboLister update wipes out returns policy

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There is a major update to TurboLister today which wipes out any existing returns policy set on users templates. Once the update is installed you’ll need to go back in to each listing (or use multiple edit) and re-enter your returns policy details.

This change updates TurboLister in line with the removal of the returns drop down to specify 7, 14 or 30 days for accepting returns.

There are now only two options – “Returns Accepted” and a returns policy, or “Returns Not Accepted” in which case there’s a warning reminding sellers that they buyers may have legal rights to return items.

For users who were signed up to the TurboLister Beta program you’ll be updated to the non-beta version now the full release is available.

Edited to add: There’s another glitch which is removing returns policies from live listings. The returns policy details on the old version eBay are displaying a message “The seller will not accept returns for this item.” Switching to the new page displays the sellers full returns policy.

Edited to add: eBay have confirmed the glitch in TL and issued and a fix was issued on Saturday. If you’re still having problems with your returns policy in TL you’ll need to update again to get the latest good version.

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  1. mm well I haven’t been able to get into turbo lister since an update over two months ago, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times to no avail. I’ll try once more to install it and see what happens!

  2. flipping thing. I can update the overall Options, but but not the templates…the returns box just doesn’t show at all in the template itself, but then reappears (empty) in the item that is created from the template.

    How stupid is that?

    Don’t bother to answer that last question. ๐Ÿ™

  3. #2 Have you done another update today? Yesterday my returns policy disappeared (at least the option to edit it did). Today’s update restored the edit function but wiped the policy blank

  4. Hopefully this change will eliminate the bug where internationally visible items with a returns policy listed on .co.uk are being reported as ‘returns not accepted’ on the com site…

  5. #3
    yes, I updated just before I posted, as I had just seen your blog post, and thought I’d better get the update over and done with… over 6MB so obviously the main one. I’ll try another update this evening in case it has changed yet again…

  6. #4 Don’t think it will eliminate that bug. Have been on to Poweseller Support today and the bug only shows on the old style view item page. Policy shows ok on the new style.

    The old style page will be retired on .com in a few days time and they do not plan a fix for the interim.

  7. I have run the update and have changed my policy on all my listings where I have not made a sale but I can’t update the listings where I have. How do I update those listings?

  8. Oh, and the other thing TL have brought in now is a compulsory Domestic Dispatch Time, you have to put something in, it won’t let you leave it empty now.

  9. New listings on co.uk when viewed on the old style view item page are now showing ‘The seller will not accept returns for this item.’

    Not good.

  10. Apologies for this! We just rolled an update to Turbo Lister that fixes this bug


    -Ajay Agrawal
    eBay Seller Tools

  11. #15 I have updated Turbo lister but how do I update the hundreds of listings that are now showing no returns…. I am really going off ebay.

  12. This will be having a direct impact on my income. Will ebay be compensating sellers?

  13. #16 Highlight a group of listings (all the same format ie all BIN or all Auction), right click, select edit multiple items, and then edit your returns policy back in.

  14. Used TL once, cost me 2 grand after launching 2000 multi cat. bins at a pound a pop.

    Never touch it again! SMP has a bulk edit tool which works fine for me, it doesn’t crash and you never hear mobs of disgruntled bayer’s flapping about it..

    Dunno why you lot bother supporting it, it’s aload of old pony.

  15. Same old story you only get what you pay for

    ebay Blackthorne
    25$ a month
    we only use it to list and revise but it does a lot more,
    daft in the head if you dont use it

  16. #19 Thanks but I can’t edit items where something has sold. Also on the ones that have updated the returns policy is in there but it shows as no returns accepted when you view it on ebay. At least my competitors seem to be having the same problem.

  17. #14, just had a look at mine and that’s happened.

    These are listings done with the latest update at the time of TL and all manually checked before listing. This constant battle with eBay listings self-destructing is getting very frustrating and costing money in lost sales.

  18. whirly

    for those “sellers” that 25 bucks is a problem or a worry to

    its time they forget about being a seller and concern your self with something other than ebay

  19. #24

    I do not touch TL.

    This ‘feature’ is nothing to do with TL, I think that this is now site wide, having firstly been spotted on .com.

    .com will retire the old view item page very soon and do not plan a fix.

    Whether .co.uk will fix may also depend on the plans for retiring the old view item page. Could be very soon?

  20. Check your combined postage too.

    Old layout – postage correct (shows nothing for combined postage0

    New layout,postage shows FREE for additional items.

    This is very worrying, nowhere have I put free in for combined postage (all my listings are prepared in TL).

    How can I change this, as it is completely wrong and misleading?

  21. ok, maybe I’m being thick here, but if I try to amend my returns policy en masse via SMP I have a message sayiing I can’t amend any listings with sales.

    We may have been told about this change in August but I (and others) obviously missed the point that amending the figure in the drop down box from 7 to 14 would be made obsolete now. I’m pretty hacked off that today my listings are all showing that I don’t accept returns, when I do and I always have.

    Going away to calm down and hope that my exasperation with eBay will abate long enough for me to sort out another mess..

  22. #29 me of the very calm is feeling very not calm about this.

    Husband reminded me that new page can’t be seen by buyers yet. Sooooo….

    Free combined postage : Yay for the moment

    Returns – Oh sh**

  23. #30 well what I tried to bulk amend didn’t seem to have any effect, so for now it appears I don’t accept returns ๐Ÿ™ I haven’t even looked at combined p&p, I daren’t

  24. #33

    It’s not that we GET many returns, It’s just the fact of being able to offer them.. ๐Ÿ™

    I’ve put an eBay blog post on my My eBay page, and also a poster box on my Shop page. Don’t think there is much else I can do.. The T&Cs on my listing are pretty clear we DO accept returns, so hopefully the “buyers never read anything” usuality will be in our favour…

  25. Ebay reply


    Thank you for your email. I understand your concern with regards to your
    returns policy not appearing on your eBay listings.

    Please note that we are aware of this issue and are trying hard to
    resolve it at the earliest. In order to further assist you, I have
    forwarded your email to our technical department. They will fully
    investigate the matter as soon as possible.

    Currently there are a number of eBay members affected by this and we’re
    attempting to isolate the problem based on reports, like the one you

    We try hard to minimise the disruption to our services and provide
    reliable selling tools to our members. However, unfortunately, we can’t
    guarantee the uninterrupted performance of all our tools, mainly due to
    the wide variety of different computer and internet setups in use by our
    members and the problems that conflicting software can generate.

    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you
    and thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Kind regards,

    Malcolm Rernshaw
    eBay PowerSeller Team

  26. I have checked my listings and it looks as if the bug has been fixed, return policy now states “The seller has specified additional information about their return policy: ”

    Thank god they fixed that one.

  27. Hipray! Hipray! Both returns AND combined postage fixed.

    Either they already knew, or Richard read us and kicked someone’s butt.

  28. I think that this issue and a couple of others that are ongoing just now only serve to highlight the need for an overtly 24/7 site to provide proper 24/7 user support?

    Would not pass the ‘fit for purpose’ test any other way.

    Common eBay you know it makes sense.

  29. Updated around midnight, and now if I change any template, when I try to save I get an error message saying I have to change my item location to use get it fast.

    Its all absolutely correct and the special delivery is correctly applied but I have noticed the box which allows you to put in dispatch times has dissapeared so that is probably causing this glitch.

  30. Jacko same here, my problem started within the last 24 hours.

    I cannot list anything with Get it Fast as the dispatch/handling box is missing.

    The box is missing from the .co.uk site but is there on .com
    Turbo lister shows the box when I create a new item but when I save it it removes the ‘Get it Fast’ and the dispatch selection box disappears.

    I don`t think this is a Turbolister problem but a .co.uk site problem.

    Spoke to Live support for a total of 4 hours on three occasions regarding this and they can not see why it is happening.

    eBay coders strike again ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Just to clarify the Turbo Lister problem as I see it. Excuse the ABC:

    Open an existing template which already has ‘get if fast’ applied

    The box is ticked green and the following text is written next to it:

    I will offer a domestic expedited shipping service and a 1 day handling time.

    Now try and change anything on the template e.g. change quantity from 1 to 2.

    Now click on ‘Postage options’ to bring up the detailed Domestic, International and Locations options box.

    So far so good, everything is correct. You don’t need to alter anything so you click OK.

    Now you get the error message:

    To use a get it fast postage service, please correct the item location.

    You now have the option to close the error message (x) or click OK on the error message. Neither of these options will make a difference.

    You close the error message box either way, and click OK on the postage options box.

    Your ‘get if fast’ option will have changed from Yes to No.

    Open the postage options box again and you will see it is greyed out. No matter what you try and do, you will not be able to reinstate the get if fast option.

    If you save the template now you will be saving without ‘get it fast’ selected.

    All you can do is click cancel to save the existing ‘get it fast’ selection.

    So basically you can not change or make a new template with ‘get it fast’ as an option you can only upload an existing template without changes.

    Luckily ‘get if fast’ is one of the options you can change on ebay as a bulk edit, although anyone who uses bulk edit on ebay regularly, will be aware of the many glitches that can scupper that possibility as well.

    I have just corrected one get it fast listing on ebay so it seems to be working on the SYI form.

    This appears to be a problem with the latest turbo lister updates before 26 Oct. There is no further updates to rectify this as I write.

    Cheers, Jack.

  32. I managed to update one of my listing via SYI but others won`t update or a new listing won`t give me the dispatch time box?

  33. Also notice is SYI if you set Get it fast then go to Preview listing it shows the Get it Fast but will not let you proceed giving the error Dispatch time – Invalid Domestic Dispatch Time for Get It Fast.

    If it was a Turbo liter problem surely it would not affect the SYI page?

  34. Yes mehere,

    there is a problem on SYI,

    On an existing listing which is has ‘get it fast’ already set, If I go to ‘revise’ I can see the option to set or change it, and so far haven’t had an error there.

    But if I open a blank SYI form there is no option for ‘get it fast’

    When you set a one day postage service in Domestic Postage and go to additional options / change, you should be able to set ‘get it fast’ but there is no option available to set ‘get it fast’ although the additional options help box says you can.

    So it seems that this is an ebay glitch which has been passed on to Turbo Lister.

    I don’t know if we are seeing the exact same problem but there undoubtedly is a problem.

    Cheers , Jack

  35. I wonder if Chris would care to take a look at this and post an article.
    Ebay are more likely to take note of Tamebay.
    I have never once got a sensible answer from PS support, so have given up on them.


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