eBay Elsewhere : links for 30th November 2008

Silicon Alley Insider* has some rather depressing figures on the decline in eBay.com’s traffic, which has been accelerating since the summer. Henry Blodget blames eBay’s management, pricing structure and competition for the decline; Jemima Kiss for The Guardian thinks it’s the arrival of big retail merchants which has alienated smaller eBay sellers.

But it’s not all bad news: eBay in the UK continues to grow, with a year-on-year increase in the number of unique users of 9.6%, according to Nielsen figures. Of course, “more users” doesn’t necessarily equal more sales or more profit, and one set of figures doesn’t create the stellar Christmas that eBay UK really needs.

eBay Ink has a post (no, that’s not news in itself 😉 ) talking to Dinesh Lathi, eBay’s VP of seller experience about Diamond PSs and the famous level playing field: “it doesn’t mean we will treat everyone the same”.

Santa’s not the only person making lists this week: Mark Buckingham has 14 sizzling sales tips for eBayers, while Dan Wilson tells us 7 things we need to know about eBay on the always excellent SmallBizPod. Dan also wrote what is, for my money, the best eBay post of the month: I already linked it in our comments but I make no apologies for linking it again: Not eBay’s VAT Announcement.

*Is it just me, or does their piccie of JD seem ripe for some LOLcaptions?

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how can those people that talk about selling, and advise on how to sell though do very little of it be expert?

northumbrian • 1st December 2008 •

It's like that Patrick Moore, always talking about planets and comets and stars and (you know what) he's never even left the earth! He may know loads about it, but what right has he got to talk about Ursa Minor when he 'asn't even been there!

Dan Wilson • 1st December 2008 •

too right! I have just become Prime minister never done it before, but I have read a lot about it , voted a few times and watched the parliment channel

northumbrian • 1st December 2008 •

nahh forget Ursa Miinor - Gimme Uma Thurman or Ursula Andress any day See? - Patrick Moore doesn't know what to talk about ;) Ed

Ed (BuildaSkill) • 1st December 2008 •

@norf. You seem over-qualified.

Dan Wilson • 1st December 2008 •

Get a room, you two ;-)

Sue Bailey • 1st December 2008 •