eBay say "complementary" offsite ads are success

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eBay have announced that the off site adverts on Australian listings have been a success and are expanding to the Sport, Electronics, Computers, Toys, Motors and Home categories over the next few weeks.

eBay have had a rough ride in Australia with the Foxtel ads being pulled by Foxtel themselves in response to complaints from eBay users.

For eBay to continue with the adverts they must be successful which means that 1) eBay are making money and 2) Advertisers are making money. If users don’t click the adverts and sign up to the offers then there would be no value to advertising partners so we can take it as a given that they’re working.

The good news for sellers is that the adverts open in a new browser window so potential buyers may be diverted but they will still have your listing open in their browser to return to.

eBay say adverts will be “complementary” for example home and contents insurance offers in the home category. The big question is how long it be before the boundaries are marred and “complementary” becomes “competing”?

If adverts are expanded in Australia (and eBay’s advertising revenues are already up 127% on this time last year) it’s almost a certainty we’ll see adverts in more categories in the UK in the near future. It’s simply too much money for eBay to turn away.

5 Responses

  1. for these adverts to work they need something to attract the customer in the first place , so they dont worry me, ebay will need to keep the status quo so these advertiser,s find ebay worth while,
    they may even be an advantage, because if ebay are gaining their revenue from others ,they may not need to squeeze sellers for more

  2. In one forum recently someone was complaining that they suddenly had several NPBs for the same item in one week. Someone else pointed out there was an ad for exactly the same thing but in a different format within their listing. The suspicion is that buyers saw that ad and thought it was an image of the item for sale. Let’s hope by “complimentary” they don’t mean “confusing.”

  3. When did eBay ever announce that something wasn’t a success?

    The boy that cried wolf i say – you just can’t trust a thing they say. They spin so much it makes you dizzy.



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