New shooting stars for people with lots and lots of feedback

From the Department of “honestly, who cares” 😉 There appear to be two new feedback stars available on eBay: a green shooter for accounts with half a million to 999,999 feedback, and a silver one for eBay members with a million or more feedback. Just four accounts currently qualify for the latter.

Now feel free to call this sour grapes, because I’ll never get one, but there’s something not quite pleasing about this silver star. It looks – frankly – a bit sweaty. Must be the effect of all those DSRs…

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Whirly • 12th November 2008 •

just shows the mentality of ebay those that qualify for those stars, will be much too interested in making money. and sourcing stock. than a piddling star we have a shooting star on this id, it means nowt ,gets nowt ,costs nowt ,and is worth nowt

northumbrian • 12th November 2008 •

and its not much good either :lol:

northumbrian • 12th November 2008 •

Well I calculate that on my current rate of feedback it'll only take me another 396 years to get my Silver Shooting Star :D

Chris Dawson • 12th November 2008 •

I hate those stars..they mean nothing..nobody leaves feedback anymore and buyers could care less about what color they are. Does any other online ecommerce site give you a star for feedback..NOT!! Ebay get rid of them, please!! Just report on my total number of transactions and I will be happy!!

Brandi • 12th November 2008 •

I'm glad they finally created the green shooting star. I've been wondering for over six years why it stopped at red. They still need to come up with a special star for the big box retailers like BUY so we know to trust them even more.

ebuyerfb • 12th November 2008 •

That's just on feedbacks alone. I would love to see TOTAL volume for these guys because I know only a small percentage of our buyers leave any feedback... no matter how much we beg! :roll: **Sean

Sean • 14th November 2008 •

@ # 7 eBay said before the changes the participation rate was 70% and 76% afterwards (not sure I believe that one). Considering the sheer volume of feedback received, it is probably safe to say they've had around 1.4 - 1.5 million orders each. My personal limit was always around 30 / day. Anything more and I begin making mistakes and the feedback suffers. So that would take me over 500 years to reach the same level.

ebuyerfb • 14th November 2008 •

First one to achieve 1 million,

dave • 14th November 2008 •

Dave, that story's hit this week because some PR person's been all over it, but Jack Sheng has four accounts with a million feedback each, and they hit the million a couple of weeks back.

Sue Bailey • 14th November 2008 •