PayPal advertise on ATM cash points

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PayPal have started to advertise on cash machines across the country. As I was about to withdraw some cash the on screen advert caught my eye and sure enough it’s PayPal with the message “Get the speed and convenience of a cash point….. Online”

I’m not sure it would be enough to convince me to open a PayPal account, but advertising like this can only increase PayPal’s reputation and encourage more users to pay with PayPal when it’s offered as an online payment option.

It’s definitely interesting to see PayPal growing into a mainstream payment method and start to advertise off eBay and off the Internet.

5 Responses

  1. It should have read “Get laods of non-sensical email messages”.

    They are also advertising on “Talk Sport” radio at the moment.

  2. It’s their primary cash cow, isn’t it.. eBay sales slowing, PP growing.. it only makes sense to milk what is working.

    A shame Google Checkout isn’t as widely used.. a far superior product I say, but alas PP has years of a head start.

  3. bbc news is doing a thing on paypal today,
    warning that your not as well covered with paypal, as you are with credit cards,
    unless you buy on ebay , paypal may then be better than credit cards ,because you dont expose your details to the vendor,

    its a great big unintentional plug for ebay really

  4. Second that #3, I was waiting for the usual slamming of anything eBay ๐Ÿ™„ but it was a change for them to give the thumbs up for eBay/Paypal safety for a change.

    It’s about time eBay did some publicity for the safety stuff after the recent changes but they’ve said there are no plans for any TV adds etc in the foreseable future ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Good to see them advertising off the internet. I often wondered why PayPal advertise on TV yet PayPal don’t.. or haven’t that I know of.

    Just had a interesting thought though, Be interesting if shops would start to accept PayPal as a payment method now that the pre payment card is available. Mind you, i’d imagine they’d be alot of chargebacks against the high street shops but it’d certainly crack down on card fraud (cloning etc)


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