eBay Elves out and about – with pictures!

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Some more pics of eBay’s Christmas promotion – and this time, fun is happening! In Manchester, there have been queues for eBay goodie bags, and one guy in Birmingham returned his new shoes to a shop when he realised he could get them cheaper on eBay.

In all, elves will be handing out more than 120,000 shopping bags with shopping guides featuring sellers and items, wrapping paper and other goodies. And a team of ‘adwalkers’ are out on busy streets giving live site demonstrations to Christmas shoppers.

If you want to catch the eBay Elves yourself (in which case, please take a camera and capture the fun for us), they’re at Glasgow and Manchester Piccadilly stations at rush hours this week, and Waterloo and Paddington next week.

22 Responses

  1. naff marketing campaign by ebay, done on the cheap
    60 million people in the uk
    and a few brochures bunged into the hands of hassled commuters rushing to work
    if I really wanted to get a brochure to people I would get it thru their letter box

  2. #5 To be fair North I get lots of junk mail and if they get a few thousand shoppers while they are buying what better time to turn them on to eBay. Plus how many go back home/to their office/to friends and tell them they met this mad guy with eBay teletubby style on their chest and it’s cheaper than the high street?

  3. to be fair chris
    I get lots of clowns and pillocks stuffing flyers in me mush while walking down the high st and wandering the shopping centers
    for free meals, cheap drinks, happy hours, discounted entry fees etc etc its all a bit tacky,
    I just blank them. and get on with my buying etc
    if I am out shopping I am certainly not going to rush home and buy on ebay
    I get what I want and came for there and then, and get on with my life

  4. ebay need to get the buyers convinced , before they have left home or are at home, not try and entice them back home once they are on the high st
    make it easy for them

    rather than a daft christmas tree
    have a mobile booth ,
    cabin ,
    or van, or even an argos style shop with

    where punters could gain instant access to ebay, on the hoof, helped by a sales staff

  5. #9 We do Chris, but with presents at the base,,

    not aload of tacky old cardboard haphazardly placed around it,, it hardly shouts Satachi & Satachi ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. #10 I blame the namby pamby society we live in that says we must have crowd control crash barriers in case some little darling hurts themselves on a tree – always someone ready to phone the old 0800-dial-a-claim and sue someone lines ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  7. @chris. Could a plinth or stand have solved the H&S concens and also made the tree more prominent?

    I think the problem here is that this has been done on the cheap. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Well, I am an eBay Elf, at waterloo station, so do pop by and say a hello and pick up your free goodie bag.. maybe even buy us a coffee! we are there from 7am to 11am, and again from 4pm to 8pm.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. When is elfing just one day? for the full 5 days, and I must say, we have had an amazing response! so many of the older generation are taking this push to get them onto eBay!
    now this eBay elf needs sleep!

  10. I’m disappointed the elf hasn’t been using more elfing/little people puns, like they used to.

    Your very good ‘elf! Haven’t you a gnome to go to etc. ;O)

  11. ok then I will bite

    A group of rebellious elves have banded together to protest the terrible conditions they’ve been working under. They are known as the Santanistas and they’re striving for higher elf esteem.

  12. Might have to set up the RSPCE
    Royal Society Prevention of Cruelty to Ebay (Staff) also known as Elves!
    Suz x


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Two thirds UK consumers will begin Christmas shopping by July

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Best wishes for 2024

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Second-hand gifts considered by 64% European consumers

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Get ready for Panic Week before Christmas

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Office-based Royal Mail colleagues to help deliver the post

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