eBay Rewards, better late than never

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Just in time for Christmas, some sellers have had a surprise windfall from eBay today. Those with long memories may recall 2007’s eBay Seller Rewards progamme, an eBay promotion mostly notable for being almost entirely incomprehensible to those taking part.

Sellers who inceased their sales last Christmas were supposed to be eligible to receive a percentage of the increase as a PayPal voucher, but as 2008 wore on, no one received anything at all. The website which was supposed to show how much sellers were going to get wasn’t updated, and eventually, most of us stopped caring.

Today, I am happy to reveal that I have just received a PayPal payment for £8. Even better (I’m sure he won’t mind me publishing this), Chris got £9. I hear of one seller who says they’ve received 46p. Has anyone done better? Or worse? 😉

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  1. I got 2 quid, happy days thats my bog roll sorted!!

    Amount received:
    £2.00 GBP
    £0.00 GBP
    £2.00 GBP


    16 Dec. 2008
    12:16:31 PST


    PayPal UK Marketing has just sent you £2.00 GBP with PayPal
    Custom Note:
    eBay Rewards payment 1st October 2007 to 31st January inclusive

  2. Amount received:
    £176.91 GBP
    £0.00 GBP
    £176.91 GBP

    I spent god knows how long being told “its being sorted” and now finally it has

    *dies of suprise

  3. I received over £150, which was a huge surprise, especially as the email was plastered with outlook spoof/phish/fraud warnings.

    I’m just waiting for the chargeback.

  4. I got 6 quid too, I thought it was a bliddy spoof, it was so long ago and I’m not sure if my memory is as good as it was last year ‘cos I can’t remember LOL

    It’ll go toward the wine quota for next week 😆

  5. #12 and #8 – I didn’t get anything either. I have a vague recollection of thinking I wouldn’t qualify anyway as my sales tend to decrease at this time of year.

  6. #17 From memory you had to SPEND more per month to qualify for the rewards, given that it has taken 12 months to cough up the dosh I am glad I sat tight and carried on as normal,,

    List and hope,, tis the only way to go.

  7. dont want to show off or anything, but we had major expansion last year – our rewards was £376 – very nice un-expected surprise !

    It did look like a spoof – and we almost rejected it !
    Id totally forgot, and the program was a complete brain ache anyway !

  8. Well, this is a great example. Let’s assume that (unless you’re an edge case) that eBay Rewards has been a generally good thing for honest, successful and growing sellers. You may have pocketed a ‘rebate’.

    Last weekend there was a great deal of grumbling regarding the ebay.co.uk staff cutbacks. It could be classified as ‘What have eBay staff in ever done for me?’ (https://www.tamebaynew.wpengine.com/2008/12/ebay-close-european-national-offices.html#comments)

    Well, if you have ever enjoyed any benefit whatsoever from eBay Rewards, you have your answer. This scheme (effectively cashback on fees for sellers who meet growth targets and minimum standards) was the brainchild of a Richmond based employee who conceived, proposed, tested and implemented it. A great example of eBay.co.uk innovation that has been adopted elsewhere.

  9. The way you say that Dan, you’d think it was yourself that came up with the scheme (must go trawl the boards to check – LOL)

    But for the record, an on behalf of all the honest Britons living overseas, powersellers or not, who had the UK registered as our home sites, with UK bank accounts/cards tied to our seller accounts, but who had obeyed eBay’s item and seller location policies by registering our residential address as overseas …. it took six weeks of harping on at pinks and CS before we were all told – “POKE OFF, you’re NOT eligible”.

    Just another example of why expatriates should break all the disadvantaging rules set by eBay UK? (As many have never stopped doing, and got all the perks because of it).


  10. Ed,

    No, not my brainchild and certainly not taking the credit: just citing a great example. I’m suggesting that a lot of good work is and has taken place in national offices that are closing and saying ‘never did me any good’ is a bit naive and blinkered.

    For the tiny, tiny number of cases like yours, you must surely understand that making special arrangements is sometimes simply not economically valid for a business pursuing profits?

  11. Sorry got it wrong !

    £412.07 !!!

    “eBay Rewards payment 1st October 2007 to 31st January inclusive”

  12. Way back when I sold on ebay and this scheme was introduced I got two payments of £200 and £400 which paid for a Wii and a PS3.

    Which was nice 😉

  13. Dan #24 & Sue #25

    I know there were no location requirements set in the policy, but if you trawl the UK PS board you will find that a pink (I think it was Richard but not sure) specifically stated that non-UK residents with non-UK addresses registered against UK accounts would specifically NOT be given the rewards.

    To me, that was disingenuous – it was an eBay UK program, therefore if the account was an eBay UK account, it should have been eligible regardless of where the holder was situated. – Dan, I’m sure even you must admit that the coding needed to differentiate and exclude based on address, is no more or less difficult than the coding to differentiate and include based on site of registration.

    Put it at another level. If a Brit lives outside the UK, should the UK government state they are not eligible for a British passport? Of course not. But that is exactly how eBay UK have been treating overseas UK-members for about 3-4 years now. They did not do this back in 2003-4, so what (or who) changed at Richmond sometime late in 2004 / early 2005?

    Currently, with accounts on Singapore and the US, those sites do not punish me for my location – they simply require that the account is registered on their site, regardless of my residential location, in order to qualify for programs and incentives. This is a good example of inclusion for global market opportunities, and the opposite of what European (incl UK) sites are practicing.

    Sites like Australia, Canada, France, and others are ramping up CLD offers where regardless of nationality, sellers must be located INSIDE those countries – at one level this is fair enough, but when placed alongside the marketing tag line of a “global marketplace” and the historical culture of all users eligible on all sites, it is indicative of money grasping and desperation to retain revenue levels (i.e. shutting out large portions of the seller base from discounts to minimise fee-impacts).

    Over the last 2-3 years, the incidences of exclusionary practices eBay-wide have accelerated. Perhaps the policy makers should be examining that trend to see why they are shedding paying customers faster and faster, and picking up so much anti-eBay press. If they were to return to the number one founding principle of “all people are basically good” and to inclusionary policies, then eBay would not be getting overtaken by Amazon as demonstrated by Nielsen’s unique visitor numbers for last month.

    Remembering back to announcements in Spring 2007 about protecting the home territory (eBay North America) re the trans-Atlantic visibility chop – have the non North American sites been ordered to shut the door on expatriate and non-resident sellers to force them onto using the dot com site, thus protecting / inflating the revenues for the home territories? Remember, there is always method in eBay’s madness, and it is rarely (if ever) plainly stated.


  14. Took me a bit of searching to find out what my mystery payment was!

    16 Dec. 2008 Payment From PayPal UK Marketing Completed

    £755.20 GBP £0.00 GBP £755.20 GBP

    750 odd quid is quite nice but think of the £10,000s we spend on advertising on good old eBay! lol


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