Is SMP lowering your visibility in search?

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smpIt’s been well publicised that the most important factor determining how high your product appears in Best Match is Recent Sales. However some sellers are finding with automation rules they’re losing all Recent Sales advantages gained when items are relisted.
discovered that Recent Sales scores are reset to zero if SMP relists it with either of the following automation rules:
1. Keep a fixed number of listings alive
2. List according to my schedule.

If you use SMP automation the optimal settings to take advantage of Recent Sales already gained on your listing is to mirror the functionality of a Good ‘Til Canceled (GTC) listing.
1. Create a product with the right quantity available to sell
2. Create a template with any quantity and duration except GTC.
3. Assign Automation Rule – ‘Relist continuously whether it sells or doesn’t sell’
4. As stock arrives/gets depleted (outside of eBay sales) modify the quantity available in the Inventory product. EBay sales will update the quantity automatically.
This is will retain popularity score and keep the listing alive till the quantity is sold out.

It’s worth noting that any sellers using the “Keep a fixed number of listings alive” rule may need to modify their settings by January 27th 2009 to comply with the new duplicate listings policy.

13 Responses

  1. Good grief
    Could it be any more complicated – thanks for highlighting this – I use TL and so far so good – when it works
    Suz x

  2. I get two versions of advanced search depending on which page I am looking at, one shows the location option, the other does not

  3. I had an item that was near the top of the search for an appropriate search phrase, was getting regular sales. I wanted to add a second category but kept getting an error message. So I ended the listing, re-listed (from the ended listing) and added the second category – I’m now on page two!

  4. Sometimes not having so many listings is an advantage. Now that the listing fees have gone up so much (for me) I don’t use GTC any more and I don’t have SMP – as each listing ends I look and decide whether I want to relist and then do it manually. I don’t seem to have any problems (apart from Weds evening when the entire site moved at a snails pace until after 10pm).

  5. SMP automation rule consistently fail and cause me massive inventory problems….I would advise people to use use GTC and do regular stock checks, and remove inventory as soon as it sells.

  6. All I get is a page with a box to enter item number and that is it. Another great service fully working by ebay. I have several thousand listings aswell, and you’d think they could at least let me search my own items for their search rankings.

    Does anyone know how I can get around this?

  7. I haven’t had any problems using relist continuously until an item sells for 30 day listings in Selling Manager.

    Search standing has been kept for 90 day listings relisted as 30 day.

    Benbob. Try advanced search by seller on your userid. For me it shows my items with sales first.

  8. Hi Eddie #4
    Have done what you suggested

    Yes – go to Advanced Search > By Item Number
    (Fourth option down under items tab)
    Enter an item number and check ‘ Find location of item ‘
    And it just opens the listing I am looking at, I can not see how I use that to work out page rankings,

    With 500+ listings, why oh why oh why do eBay not allow you to see ranking in SMP?

    Now that would be a good feature – you would spot your strongest items quicker, reorder quicker – and pay more fees

    Seems a no-brainer to me

    Suz xxx

  9. Eddie to use the old URL you may have to be logged out of your account or it redirects to the new one. Also it only works for me with auctions – not with fixed price listings



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