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vzaar powering videovzaar have added new search functionality to enable videos embedded in sellers websites to appear in Google search results.

Up until now if a user clicked on the video thumbnail in Google results page they would be taken to the website of the video hosting company. Now, for the first time, when a searcher clicks on the video thumbnail on Google, the user is redirected to where that video is embedded on the clients own website.

vzaar enables this by allowing sellers to add the URL of where the video is located on their website along with a description after they have uploaded the video to vzaar which is then fed to Google. When a user searches for the appropriate keywords a thumbnail of that video is shown in the Google search results page.

Until recently only Google owned YouTube videos would appear in search results. By opening up this feature vzaar have made it possible for their users to have the greatest possible impact by taking the searcher directly to the sellers website.

vzaar have already made it simple to insert videos into eBay listings and recently enabled sellers to use the same content on their own websites with their off-eBay video service. By making videos searchable vzaar users should receive greater levels of traffic from organic search results. For small businesses anything that can differentiate their products and increase their chances of being found online has got to be good news.


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