eBay.com allow Moneybookers, Paymate

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Moneybookers and Paymate will be permitted for US sellers from February. Propay are also opening their service to all US PowerSellers from January 22nd.

eBay.com will also integrate third party merchant services into checkout later in the year. Sellers who want to accept direct credit card payments will need to sign up for a Payflow Gateway account ; these will be available from March, so more details as we get them.

Again, this announcement has been made for eBay.com only, and it’s not clear if any of it does or will apply outside the US.

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  1. You’d expect it, Eddie, seeing as eBay’s justification for the accepted payments policy is all about safety (god forbid anyone would suggest it’s about pushing PayPal 😉 )

  2. Correct Sue, eBay was ‘unhappy’ with the safety aspect of AuctionChex, they don’t think it is safe to do Euro bank transfers or send US$ money orders – once the payment is sent the buyer has no recourse!

  3. I thought Moneybookers wasn’t accepting new accounts from the United States anymore ??

  4. Re #4 I can confirm that Moneybookers isn’t accepting new accounts from the United States of America. The reason being Moneybookers allows transfers to/from online casinos. Perfectly legal in most civilized countries except puritan backwaters like the USA (Nevada excluded).

    As to a buyer refund or buyer protection policy, Moneybookers specifically don’t have one. All disputes are between buyer and seller; Moneybookers is just a payment service. They do offer an escrow service.

  5. I have a MoneyBookers account but it tells me I’m not allowed to send money to anyone within the US or anyone outside the US (I guess that means everybody) and warns me not to upload funds if that is my intention. I’ve used them once because someone paid me via them and I didn’t want to pay a withdrawal fee. Decent service but I never saw anything about buyer protection.

  6. feebay allowing moneybookers and paymate? This can’t without second thoughts? You’d better watch out what’s coming up next. Are they gonna turn good payment options into unfriendly seller trash services like playpal?

  7. re #4, #5 and #6

    Since it was first introduced the eBay Safe/Accepted Payments Policy has been a joke, you don’t honestly think eBay is going to allow payment services that can actually be used by all buyers and sellers do you?

  8. Never heard of either.

    Better the devil you know.

    I have no right to be here.

    I have no idea what anyone is on about.

    I bid you farewell.

  9. cant understand why ebay and paypal dont offer a reasonable discount
    to sellers to use paypal only ,
    they would be killed in the rush, and no other payment system would get a look in,
    the only reason I can think of, as to why they dont, is that they dont think they need to, or some federal law or dept is lurking around that might interfear with or complicate such an offer

  10. #10#
    For Gods Sake don’t throw that one at Ebay !!!
    It’s only going to be a matter of time until ebay will say Paypal only…..but how the hell can that improve OUR sales if you limit the ways your customers can pay ???
    They will spin it into trying to make you think it’s all in the name of “safety”, but it isn’t…It’s all in the name of more $$$$$ for them….they couldn’t give a Tom Tit about safety

    Do you think that when Ebay eventually say “PAYPAL ONLY” they will reduce the paypal fee….I think we all know the answer to that !!!

  11. 11
    to be honest
    we firmly believe paypal improves sales
    its a buyers confidence in the payment method that matters not the sellers

  12. we would happily go paypal only, if we were offered a carrot,
    as we are just about 99.9% paypal only now
    the only reason we dont state paypal only .
    is because of the hassle and admin of those that insist on paying by cheque regardless of what payment terms you state and however you try and refuse them
    its easier just to take the odd cheque

  13. #11

    I don’t want a Paypal only site but if that is a long/short term aim I would hope they would just say so simply “It’s our site, it’s Paypal only, if you don’t like it bog off” instead of the way the tried to do it in Oz under the guise of safety.

    When I do business I prefer straight talking honesty, not corporate spin dressed up in a fancy frock.

    It costs me 4p to show 1 product to 10+ million people, my local rag want £800 for a half page in a paper with a readership of 10,000 for 1 WEEK..Not exactly a tricky one to work out is it.

    I am always moaning about eBay, almost daily because something has buggered up or they changed something AGAIN! but I can’t moan about the economics of the deal, its a bloody bargain.

  14. You know, Sue, all this BS since JD took the helm? Ebay was functioning perfectly well before him. Sure, it needed some reasonable changes and tweaks, but not a major overhaul.

    I see Ebay circling the drain?

  15. I dont want a paypal only site either,
    but ebay do, and its their ball, and their rules ,and as long as we get a kick of the ball now and then in the premier league, rather than the sunday afternoon pub leagu,e were happy

  16. PayPal only is one of my hobby horses. The eBay’s ball = eBay’s rules argument is one of my pet hates too.

    There are rules in the Competition Act and the EC Treaty that are as relevant here as the Australian competition rules were there and, whatever it might look sometimes as if eBay thinks, they are subject to the law.

  17. I hate ebay having the ball too, I wish it were my ball ,but its not ,so to get a game I play by the rules of the guy who has the ball

  18. Unless I missed something on the news, eBay have not staged a coup and replaced the government. If eBay want to do business in the UK, they do it in accordance with UK law or they don’t do it at all. The ACCC told them the Australian equivalent of that already.

  19. Quote: “If eBay want to do business in the UK, they do it in accordance with UK law or they don’t do it at all. The ACCC told them the Australian equivalent of that already.”

    So now, potentially, they are setting up alternative online payment services for both the UK and Australia. Is this enough for them to shift to these online payment services only (ie: Moneybookers, PayMate, PayPal and Propay), without being deemed to be anti-competitive in both Australia and the United Kingdom?

    … or am I just being paranoid?


  20. @ # 10

    eBay and PayPal already do this in the US and have been doing that since at least 2002 or 2003 after I first joined and eBay bought PayPal. By offering PayPal as the only electronic payment you get to use their debit card with 1.5% cash back. As they used to say it is like only paying a 0.4% – 1.4% fee for every sale. They forget to mention you don’t get that discount unless you spend everything you take in and pay for everything with your PayPal debit card (naturally not accepted on PayPal).

  21. “Unless I missed something on the news, eBay have not staged a coup and replaced the government. If eBay want to do business in the UK, they do it in accordance with UK law or they don’t do it at all.”

    Dont forget that those same laws allow ebay to run their business, as they see fit, without interference, as long as they are within those laws

  22. Amazon only accept one payment method don’t they? It doesn’t seem to have hurt their core business or provoked the various authorities to queue up on their doorstep.

  23. #24 – they have no authorities at their door because they are not trying to run a monopoly on the payment accepted… Amazon do NOT OWN the method of payment they accept, so it’s legal. BUT If Amazon started only Using the New AmazPay system (like PayPal lets say) then the law would be kicking in doors… In Australia & UK anyway, as they are forcing buyers to use THEIR system, not just a single system.

    As for PayMate, I have been using them for years, they are a credit card processor – buyer protection? I thought tht was a PayPal made-up-scheme…. In my 25yrs of business, if you are want protection see your bank.. does anyone remember chargebacks? If you are a scammer it is easier for us sellers to take your Invoice, email records, P.O reciepts and tracking forms to the POLICE for Stealing… which PayPal do not allow, I would rather be in control of my own protection thankyou. PayPal is a processor, not a bank, law enforcement agency & debt collector… who are they to say what needs to be shown for protection….. really?

    PayMate offer plain & simple credit card processing. Buyers have a problem.. they contact the Bank, if they are scammers they get 3-6mths jail foer online fraud & theft. If you use OZtion.com.au (mad if you don’t – best protection policy I ever did see, plus NO fees unless you sell) and you send your items via Trackable Post you are covered for $50 (great for average purchases) and you can pay cash if you like, you’re still covered… cos the seller can proove shipping…. which is one think eBay should be looking into since they are about ‘safety’.

    PayMate has backed OZtion as they see a potential BIG TIME competition to eBay in Australia -2nd largest marketplace selling more items than ebay.au… who would’nt back it? (even if PayMate was owned by PayPal lol… or maybe still is?)

    As for offering new payment methods online….. um, can anyone see this is how they are getting around the ‘monopoly’ deal to make it easy to fade out money orders, checks, bank transfers? god knows why… maybe cos they are buying a stake in each on the new processors ;)?

  24. Rob, #24,

    The difference between Amazon and Ebay in the context that you raise, is that Amazon established this type of business with their type of payment system for customers. Ebay, on the other hand, established simply as a sales venue, allowing businesses to establish themselves over ten plus years, setting their own fair, reasonable and legal payment terms, and once those businesses are established are holding them to ransome to pay for their payment service and amking them shed most other forms of payment.

    For the somebody who will say, “if you don’t like it just go elsewhere” (there alsmost always is one), the difference between this and any other dispute with a landlord who decides that they can overstep their intrusiveness into a business, is that if I move to another “premises”, I lose my entire business reputation and following that has been built up over 11 years. If I had been enticed onto the site with rules restricting my business terms, I would accept that, but Ebay’s actions have been increasingly intrusive into my business, and verge on extortion when they ban legal payment methods, while forcing their own payment system and reaping all associated charges.

    On the other side of the coin, removing payment options for buyers at the time of recession is also not good business practise, and interferes with businesses that are long established on the site and happily accepting all legal forms of payments.


  25. More eBay takeovers on the cards? Are they already in talks with MoneBayers and PayeBayte?

    Thats a good point though, why don’t people moan so much about Amazon?

  26. Thatll be moneybookers on ebay US no doubt – the rest of us (in my case UK) will have to wait I suppose.

    Anyway, talk to me when ebay allow the much safer and half the cost in fees service that is Google Checkout. Moneybookers doesnt appear to be any cheaper than PP

  27. I’ve just looked at both Paymate and Moneybookers. Money bookers seems extremly high and Paymate will not show fees for US until they actually offer it.
    I already accept credit cards….so have Merchant fees. E-bay customers think they can to into E-bay checkout and enter their info, but can’t unless I have one of these links or Payflow (owned by E-bay)
    Well…that’s another $179.00 to set up, $20.00 per month, 10 cents per transaction…..isn’t that great to pay on top of the listing fees and final value fees…plus if someone pays with Paypal….then….you have another 30 cents on top of the other fees plus 2-3% of the cost.
    Cripes…if you are selling somthing for $10.00 – $15.00 like I do….you might as well just shut down.
    So….yes…we like to make the buyers happy….but who can afford all these rules and extra costs…just so E-bay can continue to make billions.

    The comment about this being E-bays site…go with their rules. It is no longer their site…..This has been opened up as a public forum for years with many folks trying to make an honest living….If they wanted all these rules…they should have been there when they first came on line….not changing everything to keep getting richer.
    I wonder just how successful they would be now if they had all this garbage when they first started? They forget their success is based on their sellers……



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