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Just a few days after eBay UK launched the new My eBay, users woke up to a huge new banner ad across the top of the screen this morning. Many users have complained that the flashing adverts are distracting, and slow their computers considerably when they’re trying to use My eBay: ironic, when you consider some of the content:

money tight? computer slow?

Some ads are being tailored to individual eBay members based on age, gender, buying and selling history and so on. Members can opt out of this in My eBay > Site Preferences, but this won’t switch off the ads altogether: you’ll just see random banners not targetted to what eBay think your interests might be.

If you use Firefox, Adblock Plus will get rid of the ads. If you’re using IE, Adblock Pro should do the trick: there’s a 30 day free trial, or it’s $19.95 for a lifetime subscription — unless anyone knows of a free ad-blocker for IE users?

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  1. Sometimes “Flash” isn’t just a graphical animation tool. Some times when you call someone “Flash” it basically means that they think they look good but are actually a bit of a prat. Well guess what eBay – your ads are flash!

  2. “Some ads are being tailored to individual eBay members based on age, gender, buying and selling history and so on”

    My banner ad is for Weight Watchers, cheeky gits,,

    Everytime I try and browse I am distracted by a huge ham baguette at the top of my screen. Then it tells me I could enjoy the same food as my family and loose weight..

    Saucy sods, wadda a bloody cheek.


  3. I’m not seeing any ads on .com but on .uk I get ads for Royal Mail. The problem is I’m in the US so I can only use Royal Mail indirectly, if even that. Good job making those ads relevant, eBay.

  4. Gawd that had to go, I’ve got a headache as it is without that damn thing flashing at me all the time.

  5. “Good job making those ads relevant, eBay.” Something very spooky about them mine were Equifax and O2 both of which I have used or searched for. Well sod em I’m going to Orange instead !

  6. Quero Toolbar is worth checking out – runs on anything from Win98 to Vista Aero and any IE from 5.5 onwards. And free. Another, and better possibility, is to check out whether a better firewall might be a good idea – blocks ads before they even get to the browser.

    I wonder if Google might consider upping the protection from their toolbar? No grudge too trivial, etc etc.

  7. Just to follow up my post at #2

    I spent a good 20 minutes earlier looking at ladies underwear, seems to have done the trick, Baguette gone, Red undies now sit proudly at the top. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I think last week when I was looking for an x’large ski jacket eBay *wrongly* assumed I was a bit of a porker.

  8. Well Done eBay
    And yes, I am being sarcastic. I really do not need to see credit ratings website links everytime I log onto eBay.
    As a seller it hacks me off, full stop.

    But, imagine this, buyer is browsing, and sees a credit report request site. . .
    Doubt they will then shop online.

    Its doing absolutely sweet nothing to enhance my experience as a seller, I dread to think what its done to my customers . . .


    Suz xx

  9. This is the most annoying one I get thrust in my face.

    I don’t mind adverts as a rule, I can’t wait for eBay adwords to arrive, I’ve signed up already, but what I do mind is tacky adverts, why in gods name would eBay allow such crap to be displayed on its site.

    Ad’s are good, but they need to be controlled and vetted properly…and no eBay, before you ask! I am not advising you about them so you can remove them, do some bloody work yourself for a change.

  10. Waves to Whirly

    Just had one for a mini break……..
    Hmmm, chance would be a find thing, ๐Ÿ˜€

    Suz x
    PS- I loathe football, but have purchased stuff for my footy mad bro, is that why I see that advert too ๐Ÿ™

  11. #11 Howdy Suz.

    From memory it won’t show a conflicting ad when you do a live search for something, but it may well remember your old searches for the next time you visit,,

    earlier for example *cough* I accidentally searched for ladies underwear, later DVD’s, next time I searched there was a banner advertising Lingerie.

    #12 Hope it’s not the smilies, I hate it, normally happens to me on photobucket and your rushing for the volume button.

  12. Whirly, there’s definitely one that makes a clicking noise (the same noise you get when refreshing a browser page, or when a keyboard key is stuck….) but I suspect there may be others.

  13. eBay get cheekier still: my targeted ad is for a Provident loan funded pre-paid debit card with an APR in three figures … not counting the decimal places!

    It’s interesting that the good old Provi cheque is now a Provi card but can I sue eBay for slander?



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