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An has ended tonight with the winning bid at over $186,000. The number is 867-5309, the title of a 1982 hit for Tommy Tutone; the seller says that it’s one of the few versions of the number left on any US area code, and has thousands of calls every year from people randomly dialling the number belonging to Jenny in the song.

The winning bidder is a PowerSeller themselves, so there’s perhaps more of a chance of this sale working out than some other high-profile, high-ticket auctions. A bid for $434,444.44 was cancelled by another bidder.

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  1. ..the most famous phone number in the world? Never.
    In agreement with #1, what about;
    “Whitehall 1212” – beloved of all 50’s crime film fans as Scotland Yard’s number.
    or Wilson Pickett’s “634 5789”
    or the Marvelettes “Beechwood 45789” (using the same last 5 numbers)

  2. There is a guy in Montreal who is a real estate agent that just put the number up in E BAY ON FEBRUARY 10, 2009, his name is Alessandro Monteferrante , he has the 514 exchange 514 867 5309

  3. Sorry,but, is it just me that thinks this is just the most pointless purchase ever?

    I mean, say you auction the number 666 666 666 or 999 999 999 that would be kind of cool, but 867-5309 ! it hardly rolls of the tounge..

    I mean who the f’ck is tommy tutone?

    The winner must have a bag of bolts sat on his/her shoulder.


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