Canon Powershot A580 DOTW from Argos

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argosdotweBay have another great Deal of the Week (DOTW) offer on the home page, a from Argos and it’s offered at a cracking price. Retailing at £129.99 it’s currently available from the main Argos catalogue at a discounted price of £76.33 but .

Another significant change is that Argos previously marketed themselves on eBay under the User Id “Clearance Bargains” but that’s changed from the 14th February and they now proudly trade openly on eBay as .

It’s fantastic to see a brand such as Argos appear on eBay, it adds bucket loads of credibility to eBay which must in the long run help all sellers.

If you’re a seller and looking for a new camera for eBay pictures, or simply in the market for a new camera grab one while stocks last. I’ll be getting one to go with the DOTW Digital Photo Frame that I bought and gave to my mother for Christmas 🙂

If you’re interested in offering a DOTW item on eBay’s home page speak to your eBay account manager or PowerSeller support in the first instance. Last week’s was offered from (a seller with just 2000 feedback) and eBay are actively looking for more great offers to showcase on the home page.

To be considered for the Deal of the Week you’ll need sufficient inventory (ideally 1000+) of a great mass-market, spontaneous, impulse purchase product that’s going to excite buyers and it needs to be offered at an attractive price point. You’ll also need to be able to fulfill the orders on top of your normal business

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  1. To be honest I make purchase from argos fairly often (normally reserve & pick up) but I don’t really see “argos-clearancebargains” as adding a jot of credibility to eBay. If anything it does the opposite and reinforces a negative image (clearance bargains) but hey ho.

  2. so far today they’ve sold 75 of a £55 line.

    if ever we get sufficient quantity of something, i’m gonna put us forward for this!

    and i have to disagree with #1, i think it adds a whole heap of credibility, and will get other retailers looking seriously at ebay.

  3. I go with jimbo
    big players like argos may be good for ebay itself in the short term, but its no good for the little seller, just as most small sellers in high streets have been nudged out in the real world

  4. Nothing negative here – Argos have simply identified eBay as a sweet spot for dealing with their end of line, distressed inventory, etc. etc. (what retailer does not have this problem). And by backing their listings openly with one of the most famous names on the high street – adds (IMO) a whole heap of credibility to the listings and platform as a whole – not to mention what it has done for buyer confidence.

  5. #5 How does Argos shifting it’s dead stock add to the credibility of eBay as a whole (unless eBay is trying to brand itself as an online pound shop)?

    Fair play to argos though.

  6. Argos is probably cutting out the middle man or men ,who used to buy up those end of lines and retail them or auction them,
    so they are hitting the little guy in the goolies twice not once,

  7. argos need to be careful they dont undermine their pricing,
    because there is no chance I am going to pay the going rate in an argos store, when I can get it discounted on ebay.

  8. North, the product is a discontinued line (as was the last deal of the week)and is not in the newest catalogue so it won’t really undermine there in store pricing.

  9. it will undermine it ,if folks learn to wait until its discounted, thats why many big names sell off dead stock anonymously

  10. and these things are only cheap, if you actually need them ,
    you can only take pictures with one camera at a time,
    that said
    I am still trying to work out how many feet the wife has ,because she seems to be able to use 20 pair of shoes

  11. Actually ignore my #12, £50 or so seems to be the going price, but no doubt there will be some DOTW’s that you can do that on ?

  12. MFI used have unbeatable, never to be repeated, get it quick deals, most weeks days , look whats happened to them

  13. Cant see why people are moaning, you are going to get 1000+ Ebay Buyers happy that they have bought a quality camera from a reputable seller at a great price.

  14. I hope that camera is better than that pile of crap digital photo frame I bought on DOTW, gave it to Jack Jnr, he’s 8, even he agreed it was a pile of old donkey, chucked it in the bin, total rubbish. Might do a charge back if time permits.

  15. We’ve been enquiring about placing an offer on the DOTW with eBay through our account manager.

    After answering various questions we’re wating for a response.

    They last said:
    I’ve submitted your answers to the Business Unit.

    Please understand that this is only a pilot programme, initially intended to run only for a limited amount of time. For these reasons, we’re only making this placement available to a small number of high profile accounts, who have negotiated a unique contract through our advertising network.

    Each deal is handpicked and your account will be vetted to provide the service we require for this placement. As soon as I get an update on this, I’ll let you know.

  16. #18 Will be very interested in the response and the reasons for/against accepting your product. I know of one other eBay seller who’s in talks about hosting a DOTW and for them it’s looking very hopeful.

    I do like the concept although it’ll never be something I’d consider/be considered for with my current product set, but if it brings buyers to the site I’m all for it 😀

  17. Is it time for Ebay to bring back Home Page Featured, limited to BINs from pre qualified sellers

  18. I think deal of the week on a well known brand with a known quality is a good idea
    but some obscure bit of cheap and nasty tat , sold cheap, because it is cheap, would only detract from the buyer experience

  19. I spoke to my PAM about this the other day.

    The main thing ebay want from DOTW is the buyer experience so goods must be branded, at an attractive price point and something obviously that will sell. P&P must be free and goods must be sent on a same day or next day service. Oh you need to have minimum 1000 quantity of the product.

    I was thinking what products we might have that would fit the bill. PAM also said that ebay would most likely send some people out to make sure your business could cope with doing 1000+ orders in such a short period of time.

  20. 23
    sounds a cracking deal
    I think I will just stand on Princes St and hand out fivers to the tourists, it would be much easier and less expensive

  21. @ 22

    What was ebuyers feedback like after selling the cheap photoframes?

    After they want branded items were out, doubt they will want our chinese usb mice cluttering the front page 🙂

  22. Well call it paranoia or whatever you like but ever since I asked eBay about DOTW Ive had nothing but problems!

    Somebody from eBay seems to be paying ‘attention’ to my account as Ive had listings containing banned substances removed (which aren’t banned! Holland & Barrett sell it!) Multiple listings removed and countless other other headaches. GRRRRRRRR



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