Catalyst to focus on surviving and thriving


With the current economic outlook it’s no surprise that the focus of this year’s ChannelAdvisor Catalyst event will be on how to thrive in a downturn. The Catalyst agenda which has been published today focuses on maximising your potential on Google, Amazon and eBay.

“In light of the current global economic downturn, this year’s Catalyst Conference will focus largely on how retailers can continue to build their online businesses and drive additional revenues despite the tough trading conditions.”
James Scott, ChannelAdvisor UK MD

I’m really looking forward to this year’s event, in the past Catalyst has been all about where the future of ecommerce lies and setting out the path for the years ahead. This year should be more relevant then ever as it focuses in on how to maximise return on investment and secure new profits through better use of existing channels along with new routes to market.

ChannelAdvisor have also gained additional sponsorship enabling them to hold the early bird booking fee of £149.00 for all registrations up until the day of the conference. The event takes place on the 30-31st March in London’s The Brewery

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  1. ” in the past Catalyst has been all about where the future of ecommerce lies and setting out the path for the years ahead.”

    well that was a waste of time then

  2. Erm did someone say TOUGH TRADING CONDITIONS.
    £149 quid plus transport and accommodating costs
    do they have an answer the Banks governments and financiers of the western world have yet to discover

  3. Hi North,

    Well obviously there is no golden bullet – but between ourselves, our sponsors and of course the retailers who attend – I hope we can collectively come up with some smart moves to help protect and grow revenues. Many of our clients are still enjoying growth despite tough trading conditions – naturally it is in all of our interests that they continue to grow.

    Yes – there is a cost to attend – thanks to our sponsors we have kept this as low as possible – and I am sure the value of insight the guys from eBay, Frooition, Vzaar, Tradebox, Createyourtemplate, MetaPack, InterCultural Elements and PullDigital as well as ourselves at ChannelAdvisor is worth the investment in time and money.

    North – I hope to see you there 🙂 – I’m sure some of your buddies here on Tamebay will also be glad of your input.



  4. hello john
    sorry I am a poor englishman banished to scotland ,doomed to scrape a living from haggis herding

    the only time I will make it to London is when they take me to the tower for execution

  5. LOL – funny I’m a poor Scotsman bannished to England, perhaps we’ll see you up in Glasgow later in the year for an Insite – you bring the Haggis – I’ll bring the neaps and tatties.

  6. Sales are very bleak in the U.S. The only retail store that had an upswing was Walmart and they reported that was mainly food. I think the thrift stores are thriving though. With USPS raising their rates on Priority, it’s getting hard to survive on Ebay. I’ve made some sales on Bonanzle (not a lot) but others are too, so that’s encouraging. Hope you’re doing better in the U.K.

  7. to be honest we have not noticed any great difference, ebay still works well for us,
    though we are much more careful these days, we dont buy ,or hold more stock , than we can sell in a few weeks, in case of a big down turn

  8. I shall be attending Catalyst this year, there is a travel lodge close by so the hotel bill won’t be that bad! Also if you pre-book your trains, again with the cheapness. Even through there is a downturn, like the pound shops, a bargain marketplace should come off smelling of roses.

    I shall be with my pals at I have jelly bellies for the event so come along and share some sugar!

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