eBay France "will extend" special offer BIN pricing


eBay FranceA spokesman for eBay France has . The offer, which sees the normal 50c insertion fee cut to 15c, began in October, was extended to the end of last year, and then again to the 31st March.


A thread on the French PowerSeller board calling for the promotion to be extended has currently more than 19,000 posts. “Pink” Yannis said on 23rd February that the lower rate would continue and that an official announcement would be made within a few days; however, nothing official has yet been forthcoming.

At the risk of being sent to sit in the naughty corner forever, I will say that the way eBay France are handling this is nothing short of farce. A “special offer” that runs for five months has stopped being a special offer: it’s pricing sellers are now counting on. And yet eBay leave the sword of a 233% price rise dangling over our heads. We need some certainty: not of course that prices will never change, but that this “special” rate might be in place for the foreseeable future. It needs to stop being a special offer, and start being a price offered to business sellers, full stop.

And (I’ll say it again) eBay need to have a more effective way of communicating changes and promotional deals than Pink posts on message boards and randomly shown banners in My eBay. eBay France has forced its business sellers to prove that they are businesses: it’s about time they started treating us like business people too.

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  1. But Norf – they do in a strange sort of way – the two languages do have a lot of common vocabulary …. they just pronounce their vowels all funny – bit like East Anglians and West Country folk do.


  2. If it’s for leaving such comment, you’d better shut up.
    Why everyone should speak english? Countries have their moral, their history AND their languages. How boring it would be if everyone was speaking the same language. Easier yes but boring.

    Anyway, back to the point. Feebay is trying to save the sinking ship here. Trying to keep their remaining customers (if like ebay US). I just hope people won’t be stupid enough and will see through the smoke.

  3. too right number two

    we have a great history of free speech and humour lampooning the French
    in Great Britain

  4. It works the other way round too.
    The english might not like the french but they’re still happy to go to France on vacation. Why do you come over? Stay in your country.

  5. “The english might not like the french…”

    The French don’t like the French! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Years ago, I remember reading an article online with a headline something along the lines of “British Astronomer discovers near earth asteroid large enough to destroy France.” It then showed an image that looked a lot like when the comet in “Deep Impact” hits.

  7. im waiting for this time… the time when i could buy something without waiting another people that maybe interest too and have high budget to purchase it and im lose… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot for this one.. willing take care for sure …


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