Updated: Meg Whitman to run for Governor of California

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Updated 20:37 It’s official, she’s running.

Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, is expected to announce today that she will run for Governor of California. Deborah Perry Piscione, CEO of BettyConfidential.com, talked with Meg this weekend about her intentions: “She realizes her greatest strength is her knowledge of the economy and her strong business background.”

Meg recently resigned from the boards of eBay, Dreamworks and Proctor & Gamble, a move which was widely assumed to indicate she would be running for the governorship in 2010. She became increasingly involved in Republican politics during the last presidential race, initially as a supporter of Mitt Romney, and then as national co-chair of John McCain’s campaign: McCain had mentioned her as a possible Secretary of the Treasury.

What do you think, eBayers? Meg 2010? Or anyone but Meg? Over to you…

6 Responses

  1. I predicted (wrongly) that Meg would be McCain’s running mate as VP. Meg good for California? Sure. But then again I’m not batting a thousand here.

  2. California is going for bankcrupt, if Meg can apply her skills of squeezing sellers dry, I am sure she will be the best person to do so.

  3. Wow, jumping from the sinking ship eBay to the sinking ship Republican Party. Great move Meg.

  4. Thanks for the tip Sue – is it too early to begin designing and making anti-Meg and Pro-Meg products for selling on eBay.com do you think?

    Could be a good earner this 😉


  5. Hey if the good people of California can vote in an ex body building, cyborg crushing, Danny Devito loving candidate then anything is possible!



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