My eBay classic and old Search to be scrapped

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eBay have today announced the options.

The My eBay Classic will cease to exist on eBay UK on the 9th March, and the New My eBay will become default on eBay Ireland on the 2nd March. The old search options will disappear at some point in April this year.

According to eBay 98% of users are now using the new search experience so the removal of the opt out to the old search should make little difference to sales. Although many sellers have stated they prefer the old search experience in reality those that matter – your buyers – are probably already using new search and are unaware there’s even an option to opt out.

When the new My eBay was introduced as a Beta in August last year it was ok for buyers but quite frankly useless for sellers. Since then it has undergone numerous improvements and I’ve been using it regularly since before Christmas.

It’ll take a few days to become accustomed to where the new options are hidden (Hint: Most options are now menu driven and hovering over the “Account” tab reveals most navigation options). Once you start using the new My eBay it’s easy enough, although I increasingly use SMP for more and more functions, in particular invoicing, shipping, and leaving feedback.

I’d recommend if you’ve not already opted in to the new My eBay you do so immediately and start becoming accustomed to it and customising it to your preferences rather than starting work on Monday the 9th in an alien environment.

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  1. Thanks for the tips Chris

    Have to admit I hate it – just tried it on dot com and couldn’t rightclick anything to open in a new tab. (Firefox 3)

    I’ll stick with SMP – it’s served me well for the last 5 years since I started using it … and it allows right clicks for things like opening the transaction record page, emailing customers, etc.

    I prefer simple and intuitive when it comes to essential tools like this – if I have to think about it too much, then it’s not for me – LOL


  2. One more change to make things a little more difficult for everyone. Sigh… I’m glad I don’t use feebay anymore. Many ex-ebayers like me go to eCrater and it’s 100% free.

  3. Well I’ve noticed that despite my preferences being set I no longer go toSelling Manager when I click “My Ebay”, I go off to some crap page and then have to click a link for SM. Annoying. My automated emails are all wrong as well, they don’t have my shop logo in them any more. But again my preferences are set up correctly.

    And has anyone noticed that the Paypal emails have changed? No clickable links to the item any more and the typeface is too damn small to read (and using “larger text” on you email preferences makes no difference).

  4. I have tried the new search. It makes it impossible to find anything. I can’t believe what these idiots have done to EBAY. 😥

    You can’t find what you are looking for. You type in something you are looking for, and it cuts off half the words.

    No wonder sales are down. Good job! Take the Golden nugget and throw it in the river!

  5. I dont care what the statistics, the whizz kids , or the experts say

    ebays search is infuriating and annoying
    if I type something in , thats exactly what I am looking for, not half of it, or bits of it , but the whole effin search string

  6. #7 I agree and so would most seasoned eBay users. However, some sellers abused the simple way that the searched worked. By keyword spamming etc they could skew the results.

    What eBay are trying to do is only show the results that previous searchers have found useful. The Best Match system takes time to learn and find patterns, it’s this that we are all finding frustrating.

    Once Best Match has grown it will should benefit most sellers.

  7. Actually the only thing best match has done, is destroyed seller’s chance of selling things, in a world where the economy is already on the decline. It was just another way of them (censored) the site up even more than they have. I am a buyer, who is buying less and less on the site. I am pretty hard headed too, and it takes a lot to chase me away.

  8. Best match works for me both as a seller & a buyer. What mucks up the search results to some extent is people selling crap, bogus items, poor descriptions/spaming + overseas sellers.

  9. Best Match is a lottery. We’ve spoken quite indepth with our account manager trying to understand exactly how it works and why there seems to be so many discrepancies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that eBay understand it either.

  10. Certainly more straightforward than google. Items which sell consistently get to the top of best match. The old search was like waiting in a line and was more of an ordered list than a search.


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