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Today was the day that eBay UK were supposed to roll out the change to Best Match so that sellers could increase prices but not be penalised in Best Match for doing so. This was announced in the most recent Business Seller newsletter, but unfortunately the technology is not yet working. Sellers who’ve increased prices today have seen their BM standing plummet. before changing any prices, and have said that there will be an announcement made shortly. We’ll keep you updated if we find out anything more.

There is also some clarification on how UK listings with ISV will appear on eBay.com if they offer paper payment methods which have now been banned for US eBayers. James, eBay UK’s community manager, wrote on the :

As long as you are offering a safe payment method then your listings will show on the US Site. How this works is when you purchase ISV (because you need to offer PayPal as a requirement for ISV) if the listing also offers cheques/ money orders, then these payment methods will be removed & not appear as options on the US site.

We’re still waiting for clarification of what will happen to listings which offer paper payments within the body of the description. For now, if you’re paying for ISV, then avoiding mention of paper payment methods in your description is probably the safest route to take.

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  1. Does anyone know if you can increase / decrease postage charge without losing Best Match, or is it just item price you can change?

  2. Just like I said in my predictions for 2009.

    Sellers who’ve increased prices today have seen their BM standing plummet.

    Glad I didn’t add that feature to Quantity Manager yet. Have they mentioned if this will ever be applicable to .com?

    We’re still waiting for clarification of what will happen to listings which offer paper payments within the body of the description.

    Considering that eBay claim they have “high accuracy” in detecting these I imagine they could just strike through the parts that mention checks or money orders.

  3. #2 From the help pages. Might be worth ringing 1st though, just to check the help page is upto date.

    What happens if I make changes to an active multi-quantity listing after there’s been a sale on it?

    Your popularity/recent sales score will revert to zero when you relist if you


    increase the starting price

    change the category

    change the title of the listing

    change the condition (eg: from ‘New with tags’ to ‘New without tags’ or ‘Used’)

  4. Just a thought, why don’t eBay create say 5 – 10k test ID’s internally and fill the id’s with listings, hide them of course.

    Then when they have a policy change to implement they test the programming on the dummy id’s instead of testing it on paying customers…

  5. Waves to Whirly,
    Hiya – they have done that before, I have stumbled on test listings, which have “do not bid” all over them,

    Someone ultimately does, another customer experience goes awry and possibly so does the customer . . .

    Must admit, I have not found any of their test listings recently, (last month)

    Hey ho
    Suz x

  6. I would have thought that a company as big as eBay would have made sure that the technology required to implement this change would be fully working before they even announced a date!

  7. In theory :

    The sanbox.ebay site replicates exactly the functionality of the core (live) site.

    In practice:

    It doesn’t – as many eBay Developers can attest to 🙂

  8. @ # 11

    I definitely agree. I never got platform notifications working in the sandbox so I had to pay good money testing one of my products in a live environment. Half the time I couldn’t even use “My eBay” without being sent to eBay Taiwan.

  9. @ #12

    Yep, also in Sandbox certain codes work well, but not in live, our programmer got all excited one day, he realised he could reduce the required coding for a Magnify It display by using iframe – and showed me an working example – I had to break the bad news to him LOL

  10. Well I bit the bullet today and relisted an item with changed BIN Price and changed postage price,fingers crossed, it seems to have held its best match position, so perhaps it is all working Ok now.

  11. I just wish they woud sort out the maths when ordering by total price. Often items are in the wrong order. I have been raising it with the powerseller people for ages. They have been fobbing me off but finally someone has said they will pass it on to another department. It will be interesting to see if anything happens.



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