DSR Dashboard launches on eBay.co.uk

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As you will doubtless have already noticed, the detailed DSR Dashboard has finally launched on eBay.co.uk.

Please share your impressions, views, ideas and questions here.

36 Responses

  1. I wonder if we are starting to not see the wood for the trees,

    An ebay seller we supply who is honest and reputable
    struggles to keep his Dsrs much above 4.6
    simply because they concentrate on selling and making money and dont fanny around and dont have data OCD

  2. Here is one of my reports:
    (for free P&P versus paid P&P)

    Things I note:
    Free P&P and paid P&P have exactly the same DSR score (4.91). This seems improbable.
    The other three DSRs all have exactly the same score for paid (4.99), and for free (4.86), and hence the same difference between them. This too seems improbable. (On the ordinary dashboard, my 30 scores are all different.)
    I don’t believe almost everyone who paid me for the P&P gave me a score of 5 on the first three DSRs.

    I don’t think these figures are right.

  3. Nice gimmick, but like AdCommerce I won’t be using it.

    We can’t improve, we give the best service we can, every time, if people choose to leave anything less than a 5 we can’t do anything differently in the future to change that.

  4. Weeellll they are an interesting gimmick, and entrancing at the moment.

    But long term I think they would put me in danger of disappearing up my own jacksie with dotting the is and crossing the ts when it is not necessary.

    so Jury’s out at the moment.

  5. How strange my international postage DSR is .04 above my domestic.

    That means that international buyers judge my postage charges to be better than domestic customer rate me.

    This is with free domestic, ยฃ1 more for Europe and ยฃ1 more again for ROW.

    So I’ll be putting my international shipping charges up right away…..

  6. as long as dear old ebay give us our 35% FVF rebate we dont give a bugger who says what

  7. #9 I keep an eye on them, but I can’t change them…we can’t communicate more, we deliver what they order,they are told the cost of shipping and we deliver on the day they ask….

    We have had to deal with DSR’s for long enough without having this information available, strikes me it’s only useful if your a crap seller, I doubt you,Lynne,or Norf fall into that category and I very much doubt any of you will change anything in the future, will you?

    Happy to be proved wrong, as always ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Agree with Whirly, we won’t be using it either. I wish we had the time to analyse these things, but we’re too busy trying to make a living.

    However, if we stopped qualifying for our 35% discount we would have to re-think things.

    I still believe too much emphasis is put on the importance of feedback and DSRs. There are sellers on eBay with dozen’s of negatives each month, but their sales are still healthy.

  9. #12 Couldn’t agree more

    If sellers are doing a good enough job, the DSRs will look after themselves.

    eBay is a magnet for nutters, and some of them will moan no matter what you do. But without those nutters, the day would be a lot more boring, and I wouldn’t have as many sales, so I’m not complaining. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. too right whirly
    we have had a play with this toy out of curiosity
    though we wont be changing anything
    has it ever crossed ebays thoughts that ebay needs us, and sellers like us ,more than we need ebay

    if the way we do things is not good enough for ebay sod ebay is our attitude

  11. I must admit the ‘postage and packing’ charges DSR is the bane of my eBay existence. However we play it (my clients and I) its a struggle to keep over 4.6 in a larger eBay business.

    We are fortunes fool, subject to human opinion and royal mail inadequacy.

  12. I’ve just had my search standing “Lowered” because the last person left me a 4 for despatch time.

    The buyer has told eBay we offer a good service, and eBay have told me we are a pile of shite and they don’t want our shoddy goods in search for a while.


    o the irony ๐Ÿ˜†

  13. #19 I think I will start sending every buyer 1 1/2 of a ยฃ20 note explaining that 4 is in fact terrible not good, eBay lied to you, if you leave a 5 as you are obviously happy I will send you the other half….wadda ya think? ๐Ÿ˜†

  14. #21 It’s just bizzare the affect it has, we won’t do much less than a mil this year via eBay assuming we stay, that 1 buyer by leaving a 4 has not only caused our account to be restricted in search, he has also put jobs at risk.. sounds harsh but those are the facts.

    But like Norf, we don’t follow the Pied Piper.

  15. Holy Cow, you guys are just getting this? I figured after a disastrous year on the U.S. they’d have scrapped the idea. We’ve analyzed this to death. It’s a piece of you know what!

    From a U.S. seller

  16. #17 onwards, hi Whirly. Please don’t take this the wrong way as I’m not trying to be a wiseass, I’m just trying to understand, but if you’re doing around a mil per year through eBay, how is that single buyer’s 4 doing all of that to you? Wouldn’t that just be the 4 which pushed you under the threshold after several other 4’s and lower?

    I’m in the US, so if it’s calculated differently for you guys over there I understand.

    I understand that the DSR system has serious flaws, both in theory (errored reports, etc.) as well as application (domestic vs. international), but I fail to see how a single buyer can single-handedly cripple a business (unless they’re receiving a very low total number of DSRs overall). More than willing to be enlightened though!


  17. #24 No fair point Cliff, I could have explained it better. eBay is a great customer aquisistion tool, its an advertising opportunity, I wont say to much more than that.

    Our eBay UK buyers, well mine at least don’t seem the slight bit interested in leaving feedback, so my problem has always been numbers.

    That 1 bad mark (4 or less) has a very big impact because we don’t receive enough ratings, I can watch my DSR scores move with every feedback left, another problem is even when we do get positive feedback the buyers often bother with the stars, on avg. over a year it works that that 1 in 3 leave star ratings.

    If every buyer who purchased from us left feedback and star ratings I am absolutely positive we would not be currently restricted, our service is to good.

  18. #24 I took some screen shots this morning before it go lowered by that 1 feedback being left, I’ll take another 1 now and post them back on John’s thread, I would be interested to see what you make of it.

  19. we have 4.8/9 across the board on a number of IDs
    we dont think we are doing anything special,
    in fact we are quite hap hazard and make some terrible mistakes,

    gawd knows how bad those that are lower than 4.6 are

  20. #25 Yes, definitely another weakness of the system, high dollar/low volume sellers see more movement. My experience, and maybe I need to qualify this when I post something like that, is as a low dollar/high volume seller. I also deal in collectibles, which seem to fair pretty well overall with DSRs/FB. (Yet another weakness, the DSR scale should very likely slide by category, as we know some are filled with much tougher “graders” than others).

    I also agree that the incentive is no longer there for buyers to leave any feedback–I know this myself through my own buying accounts. I take forever to leave feedback now, and I mean no disrespect by it, it’s just that without leaving a seller’s a stick to wield anymore it’s only natural buyer’s would slack off in leaving FB.

    Regarding #26, thanks, I’ll be sure to have a look as soon as I possibly can today.

  21. #27 Yes, that’s my perspective!

    While Whirly’s story points to some flaws which hadn’t occurred to me, going beyond the more obvious ones, I’m sorry to say that if I see a seller is at 4.5 or below, without qualification of say, extremely low volume of ratings, I’m more than likely not going to buy from them.

    That said, and this relates to my previous reply to Whirly, when I’m on eBay as buyer or seller I’m dealing primarily, no pretty much exclusively, with other collectibles buyers and sellers. I am of firm belief that buyers in the categories I frequent are more likely to leave higher all around ratings.

    To echo #27, I’ve always said I have 100% FB, and I know I’m FAR from perfect!


  22. different categories certainly have different types of buyers
    Stamp buyers are anal
    mobile phone buyers are as bent as a rag mans trumpet

  23. I’m with Whirly on this, life’s too short to run endless reports and worry yourself sick on whether buyers are going to give me a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 on the DSR

    I do the best I can on ebay in regard to my Selling performance, if I have to jump through too many hoops to stay the right side of this petty & pointless DSR charade I will shut up shop and go and make a living doing something else.

  24. After running some reports, I really don’t believe they are accurate.

    According to eBay, we only scored 4.68 in the Shipping and Packaging charges despite us giving free shipping.

    Only 81% gave us 5 stars, and 3% rated us 1 or 2!

    Either these figures are wrong, or our customers have very strange expectations.


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