TameBay Morsels 11/03/09

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  1. Eddie: it’s testament to the great work Sue and Chris have done, that (for quite some time) Tamebay has been picked by Google as a reputable news source.

  2. .yep, agree with that Dan.

    BTW – I replied to a tweet of yours the other day re the green custard girl , but you will not have seen it of course 🙂

  3. A thought occurrs to me.

    Have Ebay realised that they cannot copy “Amazon”.

    But are now turning their gaze to copying “Overstock”.

    It would seem that this is the focus if they are now going to compete for “Overstocks” market?

    Just an observation based on the fact that Ebay seem to think its success is copying the success of others out there.

    I personally would prefer them to play more to Ebays strengths and make it the place again for small business.

    Ebay revolutionised the small business world, that was their success, but I suspect they may have forgotten or lost sight of that in the last few years.

    Let us also get away from the idea there are Ebay “buyers” and “sellers”.

    How about embracing the idea of Ebay “users”, which are both buyer and seller…


  4. Ebay was the key for small business going international.

    That was what made them successful in my view.

    That is their growth going forward as well I would reason.

    If it worked in the past, then it should work again.


  5. Get your hands on Kerry Katona’s breast implant.
    I will not.

    Plus it’s up to £8 million now, so you know it’s just going to be another “crazy bidding on crazy item led to unpaid item” story. I’d rather it’d’ve been a “meanie eBay won’t let me sell my boob, sez down-hearted Kerry”. The sooner they put a stop to these nonsensical auctions, the better.



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