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  1. Hitch:

    Interesting story that. But, I must say that I can’t beleive that he’s the first ‘eBay millionaire’. Still, good to see a success story.

  2. All that money and he’s wearing a black and white pin with a pink tie, shameful, success breeds many things, taste is obviously not one of them.

  3. Skypes future could be looking good

    “The N97 is the first fruit of a partnership with Skype that will see the software pre-installed on all future Nokia smartphones. The tie-up is an intimate one: Skype will be integrated into the N97’s address book. Bring up a contact and you’ll be offered the choice of making either a traditional mobile phone call or a Skype one — possibly even by using a dedicated button”


  4. Dan,
    I thought exactly the same, he can’t be the first ebay millionaire…but who is then?

  5. Surely the issue is, will he be among the last home grown millionaires on Ebay, because there’s no hope at all for anybody else now.

  6. #9 I saw that, and by the comments on the PS board and his shop policies he’s walking on very dangerous ground me thinks.

  7. Shipping 36,000 orders per month with only 19 staff is pretty impressive.

    DBL, what’s wrong with his shop policies?

  8. #11

    Only 7 days return policy (ebay says 14)

    Buyer agrees that up to 25% of refund will be deducted.

    Postage fees will not be refunded.

    We do not accept returns of our used sale items if the item is not wanted.

    UK & EC law and also ebay policy breaches, am I wrong?

  9. Re. the “millionaire” chappy, 99.2% feedback when you’re selling those sort of items in that sort of bulk is pretty good. But if I were eBay, I’d be not so happy about this clause in his T&Cs:

    All products are 100% genuine(if stated) and not fake like many other items sold on eBay

  10. Im sure that Dan can confirm that these types of stories are set up by ebays publicity dept

    the telegraph didnt just stumble on to this guy.

    its just a badly disguised advert for Ebay.

  11. Well, yes. Of course the eBay PR team try and place stories like this. Although, I don’t know if that’s the case on this one.

    More than that: quite right too. eBay proliferated because of clever PR and publicity. The human interest stories that eBay generates are amazing and one of the more attractive aspects of the brand.

  12. It’s a shame then that he doesn’t comply with UK law & eBay policies in his T&C’s. His feedback is impressive for that amount of transactions but I would have thought he would have his policies in order before such publicity but then if he doesn’t know …

    Good luck to him, he has probably indirectly helped me with ‘good’ publicity, I’ve had loads of emails today from friends who’ve read it and seen him on the TV.

    For ebay any good publicity is fab.

  13. #12 Thanks for filling me in. They do sound a bit strict, but surely all these T&Cs are redundant as buyers can simply claim their payment back through Paypal?

  14. #18 Yes, they can but as businesses we should all be adhering to UK & EC Law or be prepared to pay the consequences should we be caught, especially when he is on National TV.

    He has got a lot to lose.

  15. #19 I agree he should, and like to think our company does.

    I’ve never quite understood T&Cs. What’s the point in having a 14 day return policy on eBay if you can return goods up to 40 days after sale and Paypal refund you?

    And hitch #9 is right, much better tie. What was he thinking?

  16. Well, I say good luck Mark and well done. I think we all know how hard it is to keep eBay buyers happy AND make a profit.

  17. That’s all well and good Whirly, but I wouldn’t advertise the fact that you’re breaking the rules…especially on here, regardless of how easy it becomes 😉

  18. #23 Pass. My comment at 22 referred to the seller in question…i:e the bloke with the black & white pin shirt + the pink tie, not me 😆


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