TameBay Morsels 19/03/09

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This sentence stood out: “The percentage of eBay’s visitors who shopped at Amazon jumped from 41% in February 2008 to 53% last month.”

A perspective on Amazon from eConsultancy.

eBay Starter guide from the Torygraph.

Forbes report on the taxman coming to eBay stateside.

This is just funny. And a bit weird.

4 Responses

  1. Ebay are not saying they are turning back to their roots in my opinion (re first link), but that they are going to compete for the Overstock.com marketplace.

    It would appear they have failed to out Amazon Amazon, and now they are going to try to out Overstock Overstock.com.

    If Ebay focused on what they do best, they would be a roaring success again.

    What is that?

    Becoming the “worldwide hub” for small businesses.


  2. The first article is very interesting and makes some telling points.
    Just wish I could find a similar analytical study commparing eBay uk and the Amazon uk sites to see if we are better or worse than the US trend analysis.
    The eConsultancy site is also well worth a look – especially of you have your own website.



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