TameBay Morsels 23/03/09

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Those Prince Charles ‘love letters’ net £20k.

Josh Russell writes about his negative experiences selling on eBay and offers some pointers to eBay.

A PayPal perspective from a venture capitalist.

Listen to ‘eBay & Beyond: Basics To Business‘. Or the Powerselling Mom.

Skype to generate billions for eBay
, apparently.

5 Responses

  1. Lots of that Josh Russell piece makes me think he actually hasn’t spent enough time on eBay. There *are* several communities. There *are* profile pages, for those who can be bothered to fill them out. And he seems to hold eBay responsible for scammers. There were scammers before eBay, and there will be scammers after.

  2. #1 I thought along those lines…. People used to get mindlessly murdered before the PlayStation arrived, I don’t think Ghengis had one, and if he did..what would he plug it into?

    However, eBay is dragging it’s ass in the Customer Service Dept…. it is pathetic, anyone who points that out should be congratulated, and on that basis I give that blog post a 10/10.

  3. Josh Russell blog –

    Good to hear opinions from someone who’s fairly new to eBay.

    Community – as has already been pointed out on the blog comments and here, there is lots of community activity available on eBay. But, if Josh didn’t detect this, then I do wonder if this is more a reflection on eBay’s continuing emphasis away from ‘community site’ to ‘corporate ecommerce’.

    Customer Service – it’s a no-brainer to agree with Josh on this one. Way short of what is needed.

    Opaque dsipute process – Josh is articulating what many sellers already feel.

    Interesting stuff.

  4. I agree with sue,,
    this guy has not a clue about auctions
    suggesting that longer auctions would reduce the flurry of bids at the end of auctions is barmy,

    those that are interested and do that sort of bidding, will just wait to the end regardless of how long the auction is,
    plus a furry of bids are welcome to us, when ever they occur , we are not interested in stopping them


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