TameBay Morsels 25/03/09

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Scot Wingo looking at some of the more interesting insights sellers are getting from the DSR dashboard.

Skype is going great guns, according to reports here and here.

Comment and information on how eBay handles counterfeits.

eBay bidders to decide new shrimp’s name
… yes really.

And finally, for once eBay isn’t implicated

16 Responses

  1. we actively pursue international trade
    our type of listings more than most others, lend themselves to international trade,
    we have 4.8/9 across 3 collectables and jewellery selling IDs
    DSR,S are no hinderance to us

  2. Same here.
    We sell in a niche collectables market and have a large proportion of international trade.
    Our dsr’s are 4.9.

  3. Sell collectables too, also high prop. International Sales. DSR’s not a problem

    Looks as if they have found some figures to fit the original supposition?

    ‘Here at eBay Strategies, since DSRs came out we’ve been talking about the fact that sellers with higher international sales rates suffer severely from those sales in DSRs ….’


  4. yep agree with sue again
    we clearly state it can take up to 3 weeks for international ,
    in reality it often only takes 5 days

  5. Thanks for that – very interesting. I am get crucified by international shipping charges. I send by international signed for so have to charge a lot.

  6. I also noticed that on ebay.com I would have a raised status in best match. I wonder if the UK will start doing that.

  7. Make of it what you will – copy/pasted from elsewhere :

    Shipping Time US 4.74
    Shipping Time INTL 4.74

    S+H Charges US 4.66
    S+H Charges INTL 4.71

    This is the results for 1 month, media items and several thousand DSR scores received. that month.

  8. Interesting result , somewhat surprisingly s & h charges have a higher dsr internationally than domestically.

    As you’d expect , shipping time fared worse , but so too did comm & description.

    I made that observation too.

  9. @4

    Yeah, agree with Sue.

    That may be called a small *trick*.

    Lower down your buyers’ expectation firstly, and then give them surprise.

  10. @ 12

    I used to lower buyer expectations but all I ended up with were a lot of cancelled bids and ruined auctions. I once had a disclaimer standard in my shipping terms saying Airmail to Canada typically takes two weeks. One of my Canadian bidders didn’t see that until 5 minutes before the auction closed and cancelled his bids because he wanted it sooner (ignoring the fact I was shipping that item Express). I lost $20 that I know of and possibly more.

  11. just checked our dsr,s for US buyers only
    130 US buyers left straight 5s for everything other than postage charges and those are 4.8,
    so in effect international selling actually increases our DSR Rating
    or at least those to the Good old US of A do

  12. Glad I spotted this didnt realise could check them yet.

    We do a mix of free and paid postage and always dispatch some day (or next working day)
    Paid postage we charge actual postage price & send first class.
    Free postage we send second class.

    We have a higher percentage of 5’s for dispatch time in the Free postage (slowest delivery) but lower amount of 5’s for P&P charges.

    In the paid postage its reversed! so we are getting less 5’s for sending out quicker, but more 5’s for P&P Charges.
    I guess thats because they see exact price, but like Sue said actually expect next day for first class.

    Like Northumbrian our figures also show international we get better DSR’s than from UK

    Interesting figures but actually doesnt actually make me feel I can change much.

  13. we find that USA buyers in general are much more ebay savvy

    and quite often they are just that little bit more reasonable and realistic,

    CANADIAN BUYERS on the other hand, tend to be hard work



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