How do I close my eBay Adcommerce account?

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Since my grumble about Adcommerce earlier, I’ve seen a lot of people with a lot of complaints about this program, all with the same question: how do I close my account?

The short answer is, you can’t, but you can certainly make it inactive:

  • Sign into Adcommerce and select the “campaigns” tab.
  • Select all your campaigns.
  • From the bottom, choose either to delete them all (if you’re certain you’ll never go back) or “pause selected” if you think you may want to start up campaigns again.
  • If you choose to “delete”, the minimal impressions’ and clicks’ data will remain available on your dashboard.

Hope that helps some people.

One Response

  1. The way I look at this is any traffic has to be positive, as long as a reasonable amount converts into sales. However ebay have missed a big trick here – they should have included conversion data. I have been pushing some products on ebay Germany, and had some sales, but I dont know if they have come from adcommerce or google etc. To run a business one needs reliable data to make decisions on. It maybe a great thing…who knows…shame really, its like a 50% finished product.



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