TameBay Morsels 03/04/09


Bored with your wardrobe but PayPal account empty? How about swapping instead of buying? “Louis Vuitton girl only wants cash offers for the bag” sets my Spidey senses off, and “swaplifters” are obviously a problem, but this idea does have the potential to be an eBay killer across the fashion categories.

PayPal’s traffic increases 50% year-on-year: it’s the most visited financial site in the UK.

Custom item specifics are being expanded: a few tweaks for developers for now.

An eBayer who sold counterfeit Gillette razor blades to Trading Standards officers has been given 270 hours of community service. (More info on fake blades here.)

Skype are in court in the UK

And happy birthday to eBay Ink, eBay’s official blog, one year old today.


Amazon and Brother have announced legal action this morning, against 18 suspected members of a Germany-based counterfeit ring

Amazon and Brother shut down Counterfeit Ring

eBay x Oxfam Fashion Fighting Poverty 23

eBay x Oxfam Fashion Fighting Poverty 23


Fashion Brands: Ecommerce World Review


Amazon intel sees 240,000 fakes seized


Why fashion brands are turning to marketplaces

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