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A cunningly timely survey by eBay UK reveals that 61% of shoppers pay attention to ads in online shops, whereas only 13% look at ads on social networking sites. You’d think they had some kind of new advertising product to sell ๐Ÿ˜‰ Phillip Rinn, director of advertising partnerships for eBay UK and EMEA, counsels advertisers to leave social sites and portals “where awareness may be high, but conversion to purchase low”, in favour of more targetted approaches. So we can probably expect more third-party ads on the site soon too.

Traffic to classified sites, and Craigslist in particular continues to soar, though as the majority of listings are free, “a boost in traffic may be just that โ€” traffic.”

Trevor Ginn isn’t happy with the service he’s had from Skype: from my own recent experiences, I think there are a lot of things they could do much better, including letting users change their user name and allowing selective invisibility – I’d like to be able to distinguish “available to talk business” from “available to chat with friends”, and especially “available for IM but not to talk.”

Proof – if we needed more of it – that eBay’s not a great place to sell stolen goods: a California doctor loses his license for stealing and selling medical supplies.

Australian pranksters try to sell their communications minister on eBay.

Skip McGrath asks can eBay solve its identity problem? Best advice: “If you are an eBay seller, donโ€™t panic. … I continue to sell and continue to make money on the platform. But I also continue to expand my channels.” And so say all of us.

3 Responses

  1. eBay UK reveals that 61% of shoppers pay attention to ads in online shops…97% of whom where thinking ” what the hell is that doing there!!”

  2. downloaded linnworks following the banner from the website. Nice one. Love the stock control aspect of it and would love to see it on ebay apps



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