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adcommercevoucher“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I say this a lot about things connected with eBay, but it’s about time I learned to take my own advice.

Last month, like many sellers on eBay UK, I received a voucher for £50 of free play on eBay’s Adcommerce, the new in-search advertising program. Not to rehash all the discussion we had at that time, my thought on Adcommerce was that I had £50 of free advertising; even if they weren’t providing me with any conversion data, I would at least have a play with it, because at current click-through rates, my £50 would last me until somewhere around Christmas.

Dear Reader, how wrong I was. This morning, I received an invoice from eBay Adcommerce for €10.42. I mentioned this to Chris: don’t you have a credit as well? he asked. No, I don’t. We compared invoices: his has the total due balanced by an equal credit. Nothing to pay. Mine has no credit.

I wish I could act surprised by this, but eBay and I have a long, long history of their promotions just not working (long-time readers of the PowerSeller board might remember the “free anchor shop” they charged me £450 to have). There’s probably some glitch associated with me being in France and eBay being all over the shop, so I just mention it, in case anyone else is in the same position and gets charged for something they’d been told was free.

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  1. That’s terrible, Sue. Ebay doesn’t play fair. In the short term, they win. Long term: good sellers will keep leaving as new opportunities come along and Ebay will fail. Sorry that happened to you.

  2. Ouch!

    €10.42 seems a huge bill anyway, my ‘free’ clicks came to less than 50p.

    My Ad on the German site still takes a half day off every so often.

    The ‘personal’ reply promised by AdC Support has still not been received.

    BTW when I tried an Ad with my username as a keyword as advocated by Chris it went into ‘pending’ mode. So I deleted it. I already have it in a dozen or so listing titles so I guess I am already covered.

  3. Sue – I am envious of your CTR!

    101,650 imps, 30 clicks, avg CPC 1.37p + tax.

    The important thing here is that you must have a memorable logo. Where else can I buy 101,650 chances for less than 50p?

  4. Reminds me of the time I tried out Seller Assistant Pro free for one month. I cancelled about a day after my trial started but got stuck with paying for 2 months of it. Every time I tried to dispute the charge I just got an email telling me how to cancel it even though I’d already canceled.



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