Grab a 'Daily Deal' on eBay UK

eBay UK have just upgraded ‘Deal of the Week’ to ‘‘ kicking off with a with an RRP of £139.00 and offered at £64.99. Deal of the Day appears to be a recognition that the eBay marketplace has the ability to sell hundreds or thousands of a single item in a day and they’re open to offers if you have a product you’d like to offer.

The products on offer will be largely drawn from Clothes, Shoes and Accessories, Home and Garden and Tech categories. To be considered for the Deal of the Week you’ll need sufficient inventory of a great mass-market, spontaneous, impulse purchase product that’s going to excite buyers and it needs to be offered at an attractive price point. You’ll also need to be able to fulfill the orders on top of your normal business and probably be a Platinum or Titanium PowerSeller with good feedback. To give an indication today’s deal is for 500 cameras and in the 45 minutes of the promotion !

Daily Deal is being publicised heavily on the site with the addition of a . As it becomes better known it should attract buyers to visit the site regularly and anyone that’s comes to spend money on eBay has to be good news in the current economic climate.

If you want to get involved supplying a Daily Deal speak to your account manager in the first instance.

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"As it becomes better known it should attract buyers to visit the site regularly and anyone that’s comes to spend money on eBay has to be good news in the current economic climate." At the bottom of the daily deal page are big adverts for brand name stores, Argos,Littlewoods,Next etc, it might well bring buyers to the site, but eBay are not trying to direct them to you.....not sure that is good for any proffesional sellers currently selling in Clothes, Shoes and Accessories, Home and Garden and Tech categories ?

whirly • 14th May 2009 •

Not picking but I had a look at one of the so called 'brand names' shown at the bottle of the daily deal page, namely Branch 309, as I am looking for a pair of shoes I then clicked on shoe sale this way which takes me to a page with a big advert for there website, clicking on that image takes me directly to the website where I bought my shoes, couple of questions? 1.) This is directed at eBay, explain to me if you will how this is good for your coffers? 2.) According to one of the 5 reasons why you should buy it states they accept google checkout? how does that work then?

whirly • 14th May 2009 •

Bit of an own goal there Whirly lol You do have to laugh at ebays thinking sometimes "Lets let large brand names advertise on the most popular part of our website and redirect customers away from our sellers"

Patty • 14th May 2009 •

Re #bottle should be bottom, I am loosing my marbles. :lol: thats what 5 years on eBay does to a bloke.

whirly • 14th May 2009 •

I didn't see the ad when it started so it is interesting they started with 500. When I looked they had sold about 50 and had 70 left. It has now ended and I haven't added it up but it looks like less than 100 have sold. Are you able to amend your volume whilst the listing is live?

Hereford United Fan • 14th May 2009 •

Just put dsc w115 into google. The top sponsored link was: Someones quick off the blocks.

Jimbo • 14th May 2009 •

#5 'Are you able to amend your volume whilst the listing is live?' Yes.

eqixx • 15th May 2009 •

Another daily deal rolls into day 2.

whirly • 16th May 2009 •

Yet more garbage to clutter up the page, I absolutely detest this orange blob. All I want is to put my search term in, find the pages of listings and buy the damn thing. I have just had to give up and go to Amazon, searched, found, purchased, decided to buy 2 because I didn't want to go through the rigmarole again and then got a discount off my bill ! If only they sold more collectables and the like, I would be off like a shot. Sorry Sunday rant over.

katakitty • 17th May 2009 •

Its terrible, it might as well be a great big advert for argos an littlewoods clearance on every page your in on ebay. Im involved in another business selling their goods and it is making me rethink how im doing it

Jonathan • 17th May 2009 •

#10 Yep, Littlewoods get the slot today...but lets remember it's open to everyone *cough*

whirly • 18th May 2009 •

Yeah, they had it on a few days ago as well with a goretx jacket, theyve done it today with some miss sixty jeans. Its open to everyone as long as you grease ebay's palm enough

jonathan • 18th May 2009 •

Surprise surprise, its back to Argos. Nice little present for all the hardworking MP3 sellers on eBay.

whirly • 20th May 2009 •

Yesterday it was a Diesel watch from a seller with only 2500 odd feedback...?

Steve • 20th May 2009 •

#14 they throw the watch seller in now and again so they can refer back to it if anyone suggests it's not open to everyone.

whirly • 20th May 2009 •

"Platinum or Titanium PowerSeller with good feedback"? Argos have 899 negatives in the last year. Hardly something to be proud of, even considering their large volume of sales.

Lino • 20th May 2009 •

Blimey - high expectations when even 99.3% is nothing to be proud of...

Steve • 20th May 2009 •

Maybe I'm expecting too much from an established retailer like Argos, who eBay seem to be promoting over just about everyone else on their site.

Lino • 20th May 2009 •

In my opinion 99.3% is poor (for a large volume seller).

Jimbo • 20th May 2009 •

£10.99 for an MP3 player, sold out, 1433 sold (i think) Product cost, postage, admin,packaging,staff,electric,returns,customer service,ebay fees,paypal fees.....must be a fine line between success and failure.

whirly • 21st May 2009 •

From the powerseller board, from eBay employee "these deals are handpicked, just ask some of the sellers who've been trying to get their products up here about how hard they've tried. It's really not that easy." Latest DOTD from sellers terms & conditions :- Returns & Refunds Buyer agrees that up to 25% of refund will be deducted. "If you believe that there isn't strict vetting behind this, given the prominence of the placement and the guidelines outlined above, then so be it but I won't be responding to this type of one line out of context posting in the future" If you say so :lol:

whirly • 21st May 2009 •

From eBay re returns policy on DOTD "unfortunately, we cannot alter the policy without breaking things in other parts of the site :( " O right, so you can't just end the listing then and give the seller a policy warning for breaking the rules?

whirly • 21st May 2009 •

Nice deal today - jeans for the short & chubby. :smile:.

Jimbo • 22nd May 2009 •

For all those who've been wondering if bog standard (i.e. not a massive) eBay sellers can get a shot at it..... today's is England Rugby shirts from lovellrugby who has just 7000 odd feedback. They've got 120 (and counting) shirts to post tomorrow :grin:

Chris Dawson • 25th May 2009 •

How convenient

whirly • 25th May 2009 •

#25 Am keeping an eye on it, hoping to see more smaller independent sellers in the top spot :-)

Chris Dawson • 25th May 2009 •

It's the first one i've noticed that is an active line rather than a clearence item, which is positive.

Jimbo • 25th May 2009 •

#26 That would be a step in the right direction.

whirly • 25th May 2009 •

It just goes to show the customers are out there, we just got to get right in front of their noses to get a sale.

Pete • 25th May 2009 •

7000+ feedback is hardly the hallmark of an everyday eBay seller. smartbargains only has 5289 and only 6x the number of items listed. One day one of the "Deals" on .com was a single quantity listing for a car. Not sure why that got approved.

ebuyerfb • 25th May 2009 •

#30 The point is that it's not unattainable. I've got a few more feedback than that and I work on my own. Plenty of other "every day" sellers also have that level of feedback, many of whom are also one person businesses or only have a couple of employees. It's a more realistic and highly achievable level for a seller of products with mass appeal than only seeing sellers with 100s of 1000s of feedback offering Deal of the Day.

Chris Dawson • 25th May 2009 •

I just opened the first 10 threads on the UK PS board to check feedback levels: 1 had less than 1000 4 had between 1000 and 5000 3 had between 5000 and 10,000 2 had more than 10,000 That means 50% (out of a very small random sample) are in the ball park or above the current deal of the day seller's feedback level.

Chris Dawson • 25th May 2009 •

The point I was trying to make is that they are selling almost 2000 items which I doubt most sellers match. I just looked on the powersellers discussion board on .com and saw the first 5 all had less than 500 each. I looked a little closer at this seller but now see that his listings are just all variations of the same items so it probably wasn't a good measure.

ebuyerfb • 26th May 2009 •