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New PayPal History
New PayPal History Page
I just logged into PayPal for the first time since today’s upgrade. My first thought was “Oh, they’ve moved the sidebar from the left to the right hand side of the page”. The page has been smartened up a bit, but the real advantage is that you’re logged directly into the account overview page.
The big transformation is on the history page, “Advanced Search” has gone (although you can still access the options by clicking on the “Find a Transaction” link). However most of the filter options you may have used in the past are now instantly available from the drop down filters menu. A nice feature is that the filter you last selected appears in the menu bar for next time.
Overall a some nice tweaks that shouldn’t take you too long to get used to, I’m already struggling to remember what the old pages looked like. Once you get the upgrade let us know what you think of the changes and if there are any options you can’t find as easily as before.

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  1. Grrrr logged into Paypal and Adwords accounts today and both changed, now I don’t know my head from my arse lol

    Paypal does look better but using it this morning it was sooooooooo slow! I like that fact that it highlights if customers have put a note as I always missed that!


  2. I was also able to see the new design too. Looks like they have changed the account overview and the account history pages. Noticed the following features that weren’t there in the old version:

    a. I could log in directly to account history from the login page. Cool feature, allows me get to my transactions easily and also see a lot more. I can see the transactions for the last month by default

    b. Noticed the Notes feature, now I don’t have to go searching for it on the transaction details page. My buyers always use this to leave instructions

    c. See only one line item for a transaction. It was confusing to see the many transactions where money was being withdrawn, put back into my account multiple times for the same payment. Now I can see the information if interested by clicking on the little ‘+’ sign by the single line payment. I am hardly interested in those other entries because they are so confusing..

    d. It was a little hard to discover, but i was soon able to find additional filters to view my transactions. It will take time, but guess I will get used to it

    e. I also like that I can download reports from the history page and don’t have to perform another click to get there

    f. Lastly, noticed the ‘archive’ & ‘unarchive’ feature. The ‘recent activity’ view on history shows my transactions for the last month. I can now use this view as my workbench and as I process my transactions, I can ‘archive’ them. It removed the transaction from the recent activity list. I was still able to find the transaction under the ‘All activity’.

    I was initially uncertain as to when to use ‘unarchive’ feature that was available under the History ‘All activity’. Many times I needed to process refunds and I did not have a way to mark them for future action. I can now unarchive the payments I need to refund, so that they show up in my ‘recent activity’. That way I won’t forget to take action on them.

    Overall, it is a good change. The page feels busier than before but as a seller I found positive improvements.

  3. Can someone clarify an alarming update from PP?

    Effective from 3rd June : ‘If you are selling goods or services, you may not ask the buyer to send you a Personal Payment for the purchase. If you do so, PayPal may remove your ability to accept any or all Personal Payments.’

    Basically you can only accept payments for ebay auctions and not items you sell personally outside of ebay or am I reading this wrong?
    Great site for reference.!

  4. My need is simple: I want to have the opening account page show 30-day activity, not 7-day. I can’t find a setting to do this. I can easily UNarchive the transactions I need, but they are returned to archive status when I come back to the page.

    I want recent activity to show 30-days, not 7-days. If you know how to make this change, I would be grateful for your feedback.

    Barbara Lochen

  5. Barabara, you can log in directly to the Account History page by choosing ‘my transactions’ from the Login page. You will find this option just below the password field.

    On the Account History page you will see the whole of last month’s transactions by default. I found this very useful and it lets me see more transactions than what I used to see on the Account Overview page


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