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since last April offering 20% off FVFs to sellers in some categories who offer free postage on their items. This promotion was due to end this month, but has now been . The promo is valid for the Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Video games, Technology and DVD categories, and there are some other conditions, so do check before you list.

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  1. I have to say we’ve really benefited from this promotion – we offer free postage on our website and have been doing the same on ebay with amazing results.

    Our 30 day DSR’s are:

    Item as Described:
    12 mnth 4.91, 30 day 4.95

    12 mnth 4.89, 30 day 4.93

    Dispatch Time:
    12 mnth 4.88 , 30 day 4.93

    12 mnth 4.78, 30 day 4.88

    So it seems when you offer free postage buyers are less likely to mark you down in areas other than P&P because of the ‘feel good’ factor of free postage and we’ll continue running with it even if the discount ends.

    I appreciate many cannot do so because of the low selling price of some items and we are in the same boat with many items we sell (our lowest priced item is 99p BIN) but where you can afford to absorb the price of postage I’d encourage others to do it.

  2. Andy, Improving your DSR’s adds to profitability how exactly, unless of course you had terrible figures to start with below the threshold that gets you demoted in searches? FWIW I’m 4.9 already across the board on 30 day and 12 months.

  3. I offer “Free Postage”. I added what I charged for postage + a dollop onto the price. It has had a positive effect on both profitability & customer satisfaction. Perhaps it’s a bit like green eggs & ham?

  4. Rec’d email confirmation of this extension this morning along with an ebay survey asking to “Help us improve the way we tell you about changes”

  5. @7 Sue, I received 2 emails for seperate id’s so I made darn sure I got my points accross! 😆

  6. I wish they would make their mind up with this, because winding postage down is easy but putting it up is more difficult.

    I saw a seller doing 1p shipping on everything… made me fall about laughing.

  7. Fixed price cost for (€100 item):

    eBay Fee Amount
    GalleryFee £ 1.66 (€ 1,96)
    InsertionFee £ 0.33 (€ 0,39)
    ListingFee £ 1.99 (€ 2,35)

    The gallery fee is a killer – how come its so much – anybody know?

  8. Hi Sue,
    I am using a 3rd party tool to list in Germany and it came up on the screen as galley equiv to £1.66. It maybe the tool that is telling fibs – I will check my account page and dbl check.

    BTW – I have not forgot about the website brief – am swamped at the moment, and want to give it the attention it deserves 🙂

  9. #11 Sue,

    An item I just listed – and fees associated:

    Fixed Price: Euro 75 – free German domestic postage
    Fee of EUR 1.956521 converted to £1.681651 at a rate of 0.85951 (as of 07-Jul-09).
    Gallery Fee £1.681651

    Insertion Fee £0.336330

    Item was listed from UK account to

    £1.68 – has to be the strangest cost, especially when the insertion fee is only £0.33.

    Any comments from other sellers welcome


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