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PayPal have posted on their blog confirmation of what’s been known for months – rolling reserves on accounts. Basically (and they may have a good point here) for most sellers it’s better a rolling reserve than telling you you’re too big a risk to have an account which would mean you can’t trade on eBay. Doesn’t make it any easier in today’s straightened financial times though.

Download the latest white paper on Rich Media from ChannelAdvisor. Rich Media is everything from zoom and colour choice on product images to rotating views and ultimately video. Whether it’s using the eBay slide show to produce image to the left, or more complex imagery or video with 3rd party apps, this is something all sellers should be exploring or at least considering to stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re in a hurry to get hitched but are 6000 miles away from your bride why not simply get married via a video link up on Skype? The famous words “You can now kiss the bride” were probably skipped in this unusual ceremony.

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  1. Quote CA “Rich Media is everything from zoom…..”

    Yes, I agree, multiple static image displays is so 2008, 2009 trends are for innovative image displays, and some third party service providers are ahead of the game on this !

    Though slow (very slow) to take of, my latest website creates a neat image magnify function, and for those that just want a zoom effect, then that is available on AuctionPix !


  2. Any examples of “Rich Media” used in an effective way within an eBay listing?

  3. Every listing with video Jimbo, check out the guys at vzaar 😉

    Also this listing has some quite nice images from different angles

    I’m guessing that come the multivariant listings on the 15th and there’ll be tons of rich media imagery using both eBay images at the top of listings and embedded in descriptions.

  4. I’v seen listings with video I just haven’t seen any which have made me think Wow. The operative word was “effective”.

    The photo’s in the sunglasses listing look good and in my opinion the whole thing works because it doesn’t impinge (it’s functional).

  5. I got hit with 3% rolling reserve for 90 days. I complained and showed audited accounts and it was removed. So I dont have it anymore.

    3% / 90 days is the same as 9% of a months turnover. So thats 9k per 100k of monthly turnover.

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