Google Product Search: 10 tips to implement


Last week ChannelAdvisor held a seminar on Google Product Search and the re-run is now available to view. To whet your appetite the top 10 tips are below (although they slipped in an 11th at the end for good measure). If you’re using Google Product Search (or would like to – after all it’s free) then it’s worth setting aside an hour to replay the entire seminar.

1) Don’t give up on Google Product Search
Google loves fresh data so keep submitting on a regular basis. It’s also worth noting ChannelAdvisor have noted an upwards trend in traffic since it originally dropped 60%-80%.

2) Understand Google Product Search Attributes
It’s important to realise that although more specific attributes can raise search standings they may actually lower them for more generic searches.

3) Embrace Merchant Ratings
Google aggregates reviews from other sites – if you can get your products reviewed it’ll stand you in good stead for Product Search

4) Understand the impact of product data structures
If you have variants there are two options – a single entry with the options in descriptions or attributes and multiple entries for each variant.

5) Try other low risk Comparison Shopping Sites
Bing (Microsoft), TheFind and Sortprice are worth considering, especially if you sell in the US.

6) Expand your footprint to paid Comparison Shopping Sites
If you’re not already using pay per click sites experiment. Don’t upload your entire product file to start with but try your top selling lines.

7) Consider Amazon Product Ads
Another one for US sellers – Amazon have off site ads to merchants own websites. Consider using these to drive quality Amazon traffic to your ecommerce site.

8) Check your blend of paid and free Comparison Shopping.
If you’re blending paid and free comparison shopping engines the free may be making your figures look better than they are! Google’s significant volume at zero cost could be effectively subsidising other comparison shopping feeds

9) Re-evaluate suppressed feeds
Have you removed some products from your feeds? There may have been good reasons at the time – e.g. seasonal products. Have you changed your price point and is there still a good reason for not promoting them?

10) Synch ads with AdWords
If you were getting good results with Google Product Search for some products consider buying AdWords for the same items. If Google’s audience were interested in your items make sure they’re in front of them.

If you’ve got any other tips for using Google Product Search add them in comments below, especially if they’ve helped mitigate the recent drop in traffic.

Disclosure: ChannelAdvisor advertise with TameBay.

6 Responses

  1. I would say make sure you are using your researched keywords in your titles to, this will help you pop into the top three products that appear in a normal google search page.

    Rating do help, I was surprised to find we had 14 when I looked the other day, I believe, but not sure, that this is tied into google checkout? So might be worth making sure you have this on your site to help.

    For a double bite at the cherry add your products from ebay and your own site to google product search.

    And also another top tip research your top selling products on google shopping to see who comes top and why!


  2. >> For a double bite at the cherry add your products from ebay and your own site to google product search.

    Do Google allow you to submit essentially the same product twice? (even if you’re selling it in two different places?)

  3. “especially if they’ve helped mitigate the recent drop in traffic.” Sorry to sound a bit dim Chris, what drop in traffic? my traffic keeps rising month on month.

  4. Well the chances are your titles should be different on ebay to your website, and they should be.

    Also your upload names maybe differenet as your ebay shop name maybe slightly different from your website name, as with us we couldn’t get the same.

    It would be no different to someone else selling the same items uploading them.


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