Royal Mail strikes: London 8th-10th July

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Royal Mail workers in London are striking for three days next week. In order to cause maximum disruption to the mail network different parts of the business will strike on different days, thus meaning any one particular worker should only lose a single days pay.

On Wednesday 8th the delivery offices will walk out and on Thursday 9th the Mail Hubs (which process mail in and out of London) will be striking. Finally on Friday 10th the London Mail Centres (the large sorting offices) will down tools for the day.

The strikes are in protest at what the CWU say are cuts in jobs and wages. However as the Royal Mail try to modernise at the same time as the rest of the country struggles with recession, there’s likely to be little sympathy from online merchants for the strikers.

Best advice for eBay sellers is to notify customers that there will likely be delays to their purchases arriving. Expect a minimum of two to three days delay for mail in London, but the ongoing effect will probably be to slow mail down for most of the next week as the back log is cleared.

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  1. Welcome to “Life on Mars” in reverse! The management and strikers are all in comas from the 1970s that have sent them forward to 2009. They will all soon be consigned “Ashes to Ashes”.

  2. Lord Mandelson’s department said that in the last few months there have been postal strikes throughout London as well as in Ipswich, Edinburgh, Alloa, Grangemouth, Irvine, Cowdenbeath, Dunfermline, Broxburn and Bathgate.

    In 2007 60% of days lost in the whole UK economy through industrial action were accounted for by Royal Mail, the department added.

  3. The unions need to be disbanded/closed down. Workers rights need to be looked after of course but not via blackmail strikes.

    The sooner Royal Mail is FULLY privatised the better.

  4. Interesting, Mrs Thatcher Bigpoppa. How would you look after workers’ rights without the unions? Perhaps… I dunno, some kind of collective negotiating organisation? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The law is the law, there are many directives that look after workers rights. Unions are a thing of the past, they have too much power which is always mis-used at the expense of us, the paying public.

    I’m sure you are aware of how unions came into place and the connections they have with political parties, thier actions are rarely for the right reasons, no matter how they present them to us.

    Besides, if unions were so effective at looking after the rights of the workers, why so many strikes, not doing a very good job if a strike is the only way they know how to get their point across.

  6. It’s true that Royal Mail are one of the last companies holding onto an era that simply doesn’t exist any more, most strikes only occur due to bullying tactics from union reps and undue pressure put onto members to strike.

    I was a postman some years ago for about 2 years, during this time there was a strike, I went into work because that’s was my job. If I felt I was being under paid or over worked I would have changed my job, not hold the paying public to ransom by with holding my services.

    And yes, I think that individuals should take legal action where they feel it is necessary. In fact, as the powers of unions have been decreased over the years, empoyees conditions have increased.

  7. businessess should start suing the CWU for lossess incurred during these strikes and then uncover their bullying tactics for the public to see.


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