vzaar add own branded HD video players

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vzaar have just announced a raft of upgrades to their video hosting service as well as launching a revamped website.

High Definition comes to eBay with small, medium and large players available so that you can choose how best to show off your products and services to potential clients. There’s a wider choice of branding options ranging from a borderless video player to a coloured border and your own text so that you can brand the video player with your own company slogan.

You can also choose video and audio quality – which can either offer the High Definition option or provide smaller file sizes which will save on your monthly bandwidth package.

Autoplay is the final option allowing the video to play as soon as the page loads. Whilst personally I tend to dislike pages which start playing sound as they load it could be an option for use on about me pages. You may want to use autoplay sparingly on auctions especially if your videos include sound and your customers are likely to access your listings whilst at work!

With the latest upgrades vzaar have set the bar for affordable video hosting. Now the choice of high definition, audio quality and multi-size branded, unbranded or own branded players really sets them apart. This is especially true now that companies such as YouTube are displaying adverts and competitors videos in their player.

You can find out more on about video hosting for websites and eBay listings on the vzaar website.

Disclosure: vzaar advertise with TameBay.

7 Responses

  1. Is it just me…? I hate it when a site displays prices in $ and not £.

    I thought Vzaar were in the UK. Surely they don’t think it makes them look all “global” or something….bugs the hell out’a me.

    …Video looks great though.

  2. @Bigpoppa, we are in the UK, but the US is a bigger market for us.

    We plan on offering multiple pricing in all three major currencies, but right now we’re focused on bring great new features (like announced by Tamebay today) before putting in things like different pricing. We want to make sure we get the payments system right when we update it.

    We certainly don’t think it makes us look Global. We just just had to pick one, and it was a business decision to default to the bigger market. We’d hope the rest of our service makes up for the currency choice.

  3. But 5 minutes coding and you could have the currency change based on IP etc.

    I like Vzaar and will be using your services soon BUT just pointing out that many people see the dollar symbol and hit the back button.

    This will undoubtedly effect your bounce rate and rankings etc.

  4. Glad you guys like the new player. There is plenty more to come though!

    We’ve now added a new, updated pricing page

    But most exciting is something coming in the next week or so. It’ll be something that you US readers will certainly enjoy. More to come on that…


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