$1/2M To be buried above Marilyn Monroe

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For those who would like to lie with a star there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity on eBay to occupy when you pass away.

The tomb is currently occupied, but the widow intends moving her deceased husbands body “so as to make room for a new resident”. Hugh Hefner will be a neighbour as he purchased the spot next door for when he’s ready for his final resting place saying “Spending Eternity next to Marilyn Monroe is too sweet to pass up”.

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  1. The problem I’d have with this is that if this particular spot is being vacated what is to prevent her body from being moved in the future as well? And you only get 45 days to file a SNAD complaint.

  2. I think ebay should bring in a “not worth the hassle you cause” rule and ban sellers of these trouble attracting listings.

    but thats just me.

  3. #9 – That’ll be why you’re not running eBay then. I imagine the FVF on $4,500,000 is definitely worth the hassle / gamble to them.

  4. The FVF will be exactly $0.00

    the seller will issue a strike and the FVF will be refunded.

    Does that make me in charge now?

  5. you cant eat an if.

    my guess is they will have to go a long way down the bidder list to find someone that is willing to pay, if they find anyone at all, which in these types of “stunt” auctions is pretty unlikely.

  6. Seeing how this is what happens in almost every single high profile listing on eBay I find it odd that they made a whole blog entry about these auctions, going so far as mentioning they’ve banned the bidders for life. I thought all eBay buyers were given a second chance to be redeemed? Or is it only when you make a public mockery of the system that you get banned?

    From the February Ask Griff thread:

    We won’t remove the ability for a first strike UPI buyer to file an appeal and we won’t remove our option for granting that appeal. And not all buyers who have a first UPI strike go on to rack up subsequent UPIs. Many are redeemed. We simply cannot out of fairness to them (and to you by the way. A redeemed buyer is a potential good loyal


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