Two chances to find how the eBay changes affect you

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eBay are going to start testing the Top Seller icon to a small number of users on over the next few weeks. That’s bound to raise some interesting questions as well as revealing who the first Top Sellers will be. It will give a chance (for those in the test group) to see how the Top Seller search results will appear and give the first insights into how the new program will work.

As well as the hundreds of comments on Tamebay, I’m getting a lot of emails asking questions about the coming changes to eBay announced last week and to be honest I don’t know many of the answers.

The most common questions are “When will Top Sellers start to be promoted in Search?”, “How can I reduce 1 and 2 star DSRs”, “How much will not being promoted (effectively a demotion) affect my sales?” and “Will all Top Sellers listings always be at the top of search or will Best Match still raise highly relevant listings from non-Top Sellers?”

There are two webinars this week which aim to answer some of the questions. The first is from ChannelAdvisor on Tuesday starting at 7pm and the second from PESA on Thursday kicking off at 9pm.

ChannelAdvisor: How to Navigate eBay’s September Changes

Hosted by Scot Wingo this webinar will cover:
* how 1s and 2s for DSRs will affect sellers
* the new PowerSeller status: Top-rated – and the benefits that come with this status
* new requirements for PowerSellers and how this can affect your business and current status
* new minimum thresholds for sellers to meet
* how the elimintation of shipping insurance can affect your revenue
* how changes to the BestMatch search algorithm will affect your visibility and sales
* new pricing strategies for Buy-it-Now auction listings
* the changes to My Messages and how this will affect your customer service efforts
* ..and more developments that could greatly affect how you do business!

PESA – Community Webinar

This webinar will focus on a frank a forthright discussion between the community and the folks behind the changes that have been recently announced, which are scheduled to begin rolling out in October.

PESA promise a chance to voice your concerns; and, ask your questions live to the team of eBay executives that will be on hand.

Disclosure: ChannelAdvisor advertise with TameBay.

7 Responses

  1. Booked in for both, this time I will dial in on the right day so don’t look such an idiot when @scottwingo makes me realise this via twitter.

    One thing that did make me feel a lot better though was on the actual webinar, a certain person (ahem) pressed the hands up question button by mistake.

    Looking forward to them both to feed my addiction for eBay related information.

  2. Hi , can we apply for being the sellers who will be tested as the top-rated sellers or ebay will choose those they want ?

  3. #2 I am sure ebay will find some nice helpful Diamond sellers to test this out on.

  4. The announcement says they will be testing the badge.

    It doesnt say the people/companies used in the test will be qualified top sellers.

    I expect a lot of “No way do they qualify complaints” being posted here and there.

    Sometimes what ebay doesnt say is more interesting that what it does say.

  5. I have written my chances off at achieving Top Seller status, as there are always some mindless idiots who love to leave 1’s – and I am sure ebay know this – hence the max 2 allowed. Its a stealth tax on sellers.

  6. I’m sure I read somewhere that as of “the end of July” the Seller Dashboard would show the number of 1s and 2s in real time.

    Is it just mine that hasn’t changed and it’s nowhere to be seen?


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