eBay double up on daily deals with 2 per day

eBay have doubled up on the daily deals and for the first time (at least the first I’ve noticed) are running two deals on the same day.

The first really is a stunning offer – a basic with free postage and packing. If you’ve got children and want to give them mobile phones for Christmas this has to be one of the best stocking fillers ever! Otherwise at that price it’s worth buying one just to have as a spare and there are 7000 up for grabs.

The other is daily deal today is for 1000 for children, although that’ll set you back slightly more at £11.99

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Great value phone. nearly all gone!!!!!!

Gerry007 • 1st September 2009 •

No, plenty left - they have seven thousand, not seven hundred :grin:

Chris Dawson • 1st September 2009 •

Sorry Chris, got 700 from somewhere!!!! :oops:

Gerry007 • 1st September 2009 •

Argos can have 2 spots now :lol:

whirly • 1st September 2009 •

Funny that. Not sure how Argos selling things below cost is going to help my business...

Lino • 1st September 2009 •

The prob here is with the likes of Argo, & direct links to their own websites, traffic will only go through ebay, not stay on it, Still ebay will earn from sponsored links..so sod us!!!!

Gerry007 • 1st September 2009 •

to Lino Maybe not directly, but if ebay becomes known for great deals again, higher traffic ensues more likely to buy again. One would expect Argos to give great service too, so immediately no, but IMHO daily deals by companies such as Argos can only be a good thing for ebay meaning buyers & sellers.

CraigF • 1st September 2009 •

I understand your point CraigF, but it doesn't help me when their daily deals are cheaper than what my cost prices are. And why would you "expect Argos to give great service"? Have you ever been to Argos?

Lino • 1st September 2009 •

Well it's a good thing for Argos (presumably) and eBay (undoubtedly) but I don't see how it benefits any other sellers. And Argos, great service ? Hell no. Steve

Steve Antony Williams • 1st September 2009 •

"but I don’t see how it benefits any other sellers." why should it? you sold things for the benefit of other sellers?

board_surfer • 3rd September 2009 •

Couldn't resist today's deal.

Jimbo • 3rd September 2009 •