Location abuse is far from dead on eBay

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A friend has been trying to buy a new Nintendo DS Lite on eBay, and wanted it in a hurry as theirs has broken. After all just how can you live without a DS?

location abuseUnfortunately location abuse is still rife on eBay. Selecting “UK only” as the location should return UK only results, but hundreds of listings for both the consoles and games are shipping from sellers in the Far East claiming to be in the UK.

Buying on eBay should be easy and buyers shouldn’t have to double check the small print on every listing to make sure that they’re buying from a UK seller. Whilst prices on eBay might be attractive, currently it appears a safer bet to buy a DS on the high street – at least that way you know it’s a UK product and the warranty will be valid.



Actions taken to stop eBay Item Location Misrepresentation


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