Your all new eBay User Agreement 09/09/2009


eBay have today issued a new with the main announced change allowing buyerse to resolve their problems on eBay through eBay Buyer Protection. In the past they would have used PayPal buyer protection but now eBay will act as an intermediary and may in some instance refund buyers themselves.

The biggest change affecting sellers on eBay Buyer Protection is “For this purpose you, in the capacity of a seller, authorise and instruct us and PayPal to collect or reverse variable amounts (representing payments related to covered claims) from your PayPal Account to carry out a buyer reimbursement. You acknowledge and agree that your authorisation to collect or reverse payments will be made on a recurring basis and on various dates as required by us to implement the terms of the eBay Buyer Protection Policy.” (bold emphasis mine)

There is a change to the abusing eBay part of the agreement to allow eBay to take action if they “think that you are infringing the rights of third parties”. (bold emphasis mine). The VeRO section has always been in the User Agreement but has been strengthened. VeRO abuse by rights owners is still a concern for many sellers and is something many would like eBay to address.

The final significant change is “For the convenience of sellers, we may offer catalogues of stock images, descriptions and product specifications, which are provided by third-parties (including eBay users) you may use catalogue content solely in connection with your eBay listings during the time your listings are on eBay’s sites.” (bold emphasis mine). Currently use seller images but expect this to come to the UK at some point in the near future now that the User Agreement has been updated.

The new User Agreement is effective immediately for users registering from now on, and for existing users comes into effect on the 23rd October. As always if you don’t agree to the changes eBay offer the opportunity to .


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