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Outright.com, one of the original Selling Manager Applications, have today expanded their free accounting software offering making it available to all eBay users. You no longer have to be subscribed to eBay.com SM apps but can simply sign up on their website.

outrightaccountsIn addition to PayPal and credit card downloads they’ve added an eBay import function as well as the ability to upload CSV files enabling integration from almost any ecommerce website or from your old accounting software. The Outright.com website offers functionality over and above the SM Apps integration which handles eBay data only.

It’s worth pointing out that can download both PayPal and eBay data to track non-eBay expenses or sales through other channels. Outright.com identifies duplication between eBay and PayPal and only records the transaction once.

Of course if you need to manually add entries you can easily do this by typing directly in under either the Income or Expenses tabs. You can also quickly delete any transactions so, if you made any personal purchases using your PayPal account, the records can be removed from your accounts.

Up until now Outright.com has been marketed for US users only, but if you register from the UK you can simply click into the settings, change the country from US to UK, and you’re all set to do your accounting in £s. Certain features like calculating tax liability aren’t available in the UK, although that’s coming in the future, but Outright will work with your UK eBay and PayPal accounts.

outrightpandlOutright.com also provide reports giving at a glance profit and loss, income by customer showing who gives you the most business and costs by vendor showing where your money goes.

The detailed monthly reports or annual summaries are always available online and can be downloaded as CSV files at the click of a button and of course Outright.com will automatically update your accounts daily. If you want to fully outsource your accounting, set up Outright.com to give access to your accountant and they’ll have full up to date access to your financial records – you’ll never have to touch your accounts again; bar, adding manual entries for cheque payments or sales.

Have questions about bookkeeping? Outright.com is hosting a free webinar on 5th November (6pm GMT, 10am PST). The webinar will cover how to put your bookkeeping on autopilot with Outright.com and practical tips to save time on your bookkeeping as well as some (US based) tax tips and record keeping fundamentals.

To get started now, log on to Outright.com and link it to your eBay and PayPal accounts.

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