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There have been many rumours that certain high street brands get fast tracked status on eBay, and it’s certainly true that Diamond PowerSellers not only get the PowerSeller logo (which is no longer displayed to buyers) but eBay will also negotiate their own fee structure.

Today on the PowerSeller board it’s now been revealed that sellers joining will also get automatic PowerSeller status to enable them to qualify as Top Sellers if they meet the minimum quality standards.

Certain eBay ‘Outlet’ sellers reach these minimum standards but up to now do not qualify as Top-rated Sellers as they are too new to eBay to achieve PowerSeller status. The PowerSeller status requirement is used in order for eBay to ascertain that sellers are an established business. This requirement is not required for eBay ‘Outlet’ sellers as they are verified as either an existing recognised retailer and/or brand owner.

As a result we are now automatically entering these accounts into the Powerseller programme. ‘Outlet’ sellers will only achieve the Top-rated seller status if they also reach the necessary ‘Detailed Seller Rating’ threshold levels and minimum transaction requirements. If ‘Outlet’ sellers fall below the minimum standards they will lose Top-rated seller status as would any seller.

eBay Outlet Team

PowerSeller_CERTIFICATEOn the one hand it makes sense, if eBay are promoting high street brands that offer “High quality branded products, from manufacturer & retailers, with up to 70% off, on permanently good deals, promising fast delivery and with great return policies” then surely the sellers should be Top Rated Sellers?

However, for sellers who have worked hard to establish themselves on eBay, it’s bound to raise questions regarding level playing fields and, if they have an established off-eBay retail business, why they too couldn’t have been fast-tracked into the PowerSeller program.



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