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Waist 32 or Size 32?
Waist 32 or size 32?

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon; what better to do than a little eBay shopping? I need a couple of new pairs of jeans… Well, good luck to anyone else who wants to buy female jeans on eBay today, because eBay has just made it a whole bunch more difficult. The “waist size” item specific has just vanished from search options. You can search by dress size – but as we all know, dress sizes and waist sizes don’t always coincide, either on the jeans or on the ladies inside them.

I mentioned this to Chris as he’s been listing jeans recently. And it gets worse. For sellers who are listing jeans, there’s no indication that the only place their ISs will show is on the individual listings – but the item specifics themselves have been limited. eBay jeans now only exist in even numbers: if you want to list a pair of 31″ leg jeans, you can now choose between saying they’re 30″ or saying they’re 32″. Same with waist sizes.

Yet again, eBay seems to be suffering from the disconnect between the people who code the site and the people who use it. Women’s jeans come in 29 inch waist, 31 inch leg sizes – trying to stuff us all into even numbered sizes just won’t work. Moreover, distinguishing dress size and waist size on female jeans is crucial – there’s a whole world of difference between a waist 32 and size 32, which eBay – by only showing one set of measurements – now obscures.

It’s a shame, because jeans was one of the areas where item specifics made searching so much easier. I don’t want to have to go back to complex search strings and trying to second-guess how sellers will write their titles. I hope this is just one of those oversights that can be fixed in a day or two. In the meantime, I’ll be over at La Redoute. Sorry, eBay sellers.

As per Mr Munden’s comment below, this was apparently a glitch: it’s now been “fixed” in so far as the search options are back; sellers who’ve listed with incorrect item specifics because they were forced to do so will, unfortunately still have to edit their listings by hand.



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